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Best Brands That Sell You Window Blinds at Reasonable Rates

Top Window Blinds Brands

Top Window Blinds Brands at Reasonable Rates


Setting up a fine home décor requires considerable time, patience and hard work. Even if you have all the money in the world, if you do not invest it right, it might lead to repercussions and your home may look and feel disorganized. You wouldn’t want to stay in a place where there’s no sense of longing and comfort, would you?

What you ultimately need is investing right after doing a solid bit of research. Compare prices, look for consumer reviews and go through their experiences, consult an expert, and ask around. An important thing to keep in mind is you must always look for brands that have built their reputation over the years for delivering topnotch quality and service.

However, many known brands are known to charge very high prices for delivering said quality. However, there are some very good reputable brands that sell products while keeping in mind affordability. The arena of window treatments is no different. While there are excellent sound, heat, and light absorbing materials that are specially designed to give you the coziest experience possible in your home, there are few brands in the market that offer these qualities at reasonable rates. In this section, we will focus on such brands.


Top Window Blinds Brands

Let’s talk about the top window blinds brands that have gained the trust and confidence of many homeowners across the globe, who swear by their versatility, quality, and functionality.



Naturally one of the finest brands in the market, Graber boasts of exclusive drapery, shutters, blinds, and shades.


Graber Cellular Shades:


Graber Cellular Shades


The CrystalPleat technology in their cellular shades elevates your home to a haven of style and form while offering an energy-efficient solution that keeps the air inside warm during winters and sufficiently cool and comfortable during the summers. At the same time, the design and construction of their Slide-Vue Vertical shades are ideal purchases for wide windows and room dividers.


Graber Natural Shades:


Graber Natural Shades


Creating an aesthetic that is soothing and relaxing to your exhausted mind after a day’s worth of work, Graber Natural Shades with Tradewinds technology is a must-have for contemporary homes and apartments. These shades are made from natural and lightweight materials that are tightly woven together to provide light control while giving some privacy. These materials are renewable and environment-friendly and come in a range of controls to be paired with Graber Natural Shades, including cord lift, cordless lift, continuous loop lift, and motorized lift.


Graber Roller Shades:


Graber Roller Shades


Graber roller shades are built for superior performance with their LightWeaves fabric, a reference point for supreme quality materials in window treatments. These shades are available in a wide range of patterns and textures, which can be chosen for any kind of rooms, offices or restaurants. They also keep dust and polluted air at bay and are excellent in their protection against UV rays and glare.


Wood and Faux Wood Blinds:


Graber Lake Forest Faux Wood Blinds


The Lake Forest Faux Wood Blinds by Graber are unique window treatments that offer the refined looks of wood blinds at lower costs and superior water-resistant materials. These materials also prevent peeling, fading, warping and cracking of blinds with long-lasting and durable features. The wood blinds, on the other hand, are intricately crafted from real North American hardwood that brings luxury and panache right to your bedroom to add an inimitable class.

Apart from these fabulous features offering unique features and styles, Graber blinds are known for the Limited Lifetime Warranty that they provide with their products, ensuring you get the professional help at your service whenever you demand it. The warranty can vary per product, so consult with your manufacturer for more information.



Coming in an array of styles, patterns, color combinations and textures at customer-friendly prices, Crown is a known brand name in the circle of designers and consumers alike. They boast of customizable window treatments with all the latest technology you come to expect from modern products. Here are some of their best selling window dressing ideas.


Light Filtering and Blackout Cellular Shades:


Crown Light Filtering and Blackout Cellular Shades


Crown is known for its cellular shades that are made with precise honeycomb construction, carrying pockets to trap heat, air, and light inside with their high-quality polyester material. They help in keeping the air at room temperature while controlling the level of light that enters your home. They also help in sound absorption and protecting the room against ultraviolet rays and glare that might affect your privacy and peace. They are also available in cordless options in case you have kids and pets inside your home.


Sheer Horizontal Shades:


Crown Sheer Horizontal Shade


Best used to control the level of sunlight that enters the room, sheer horizontal shades are popular window blinds that can be adjusted by opening their vanes whenever required. Their neat horizontal pattern along with their fascinatingly textured look offers a stylish vibe to their interiors.



Among the top brands in window furnishing, Norman is known for its state-of-the-art designs that employ the latest technology to give you a promising and rewarding experience. Some best-in-class window blinds and shades offered by Norman are the following.


Faux Wood SmartPrivacy Blinds:


Norman Faux Wood SmartPrivacy Blinds


Affordable and economical, these blinds offer the polished and luxurious look of window blinds at lower rates and a far more study material that can withstand the effects of moisture. They can also be easily cleaned and maintained beyond lending you the much-needed privacy in city homes. They are made from premium quality PVC. They are also available in various colors such as Black Walnut, Bronze Brown, Chestnut and Driftwood, and can be easily cleaned through vacuuming and dusting.


Normandy Wood Shutters:


Normandy Wood Shutters


Offering a lustrous look while providing the much-needed calm to your home, hence aiding in providing privacy, these amazing wood shutters from Norman boast of a unique architectural artwork that will make your interiors soothing and balmy. They manufacture using their Prescription Wood Conditioning technique, which reduces the post-installation shrinking and swelling of the natural wood.

As we can see, the top brands in the market for window furnishing treatments come in a variety of styles, construction techniques, and materials that will provide you all the necessary features that you covet in a contemporary home. And they do that at a price which is much lower and affordable than their competitors. These brands are your one-stop solution to your window treatment woes, so we recommend you choose the best possible blinds and shades and order them from their website, or find them at ZebraBlinds!

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