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Best Window Shades That Ensure Privacy While Letting Light In

Top Privacy Shades

Top Privacy Shades – Ensure Privacy While Letting Light In

In our search for the perfect window treatment, we should first understand our needs in terms of privacy and light control. For some people, they want privacy while blocking out as much light as possible. For others, they’d prefer letting in some light but still being able to preserve their view. Most people, however, are on the lookout for blinds that can give them enough privacy while filtering the light, so that their space is filled with natural light and so that excess heat and UV from the sun is blocked from the interiors..


Top Privacy Shades

If you are worried about others getting a good look inside your home, you may go for some top privacy shades that will serve the purpose of keeping intruders at bay. However, these shades may pose several problems to you once you get them installed. Some privacy shades feel like they defeat the purpose of a window. What is the difference between a blind that is closed all the time and a wall? Wouldn’t you want some ventilation inside at the same time?

These questions might put you at unease and you may be facing a major dilemma. However, we are here to address these concerns, and we will list down the best window shades that ensure you get your privacy without compromising on the natural sunlight that your home deserves.

 Top Privacy Window Treatments

Day Night Cellular Shades

The requirements of window shades are different according to the time of the day. When you are preparing yourself for sleep, you would require your window treatments to block the streetlight outside and also offer privacy. During the day, you would want it to be filled with natural sunlight. For this purpose, day night cellular shades come in handy to provide you the best of both worlds.

Day night cellular shades are one of the most popular window treatments around which combine the use of two fabrics. The upper part of the fabric is built with light filtering or sheer material while the lower part of the fabric contains material made of blackout capabilities. This enables better functionality of the shades when used together.

The most convenient part of the shades is how conveniently they can be used together to customize the level of light and privacy you want in your room at the same time. Besides their obvious features, they are sleek and elegant window coverings that provide an inimitable look of an understated class which is difficult to imitate or replicate. At ZebraBlinds, they also come in various colors such as Antique Linen, Cool White and Espresso. They also boast of various operating styles, including cordless features, which makes them fit to use in homes that have children and pets.

These window treatments are also excellent at ensuring your energy costs stay low, as they can help reduce the electricity as well as air conditioning costs. As they keep out the sun from heating up your house, there’s no need to switch on your AC when you are home. And the light filtering feature ensures that you do not feel the need to switch on a light during the day.

Day Night Cellular Shades

Light Filtering Roller Shades

Light filtering roller shades ensure you enjoy natural light through your windows without having to worry about the privacy of your home. They let in a decent amount of sunlight without affecting you with its glare as their material blocks excess heat and UV while illuminating your room with a soft glow. At the same time, they are solid, elegant window coverings which are simple in design and amazing in functionality. So don’t worry about choosing between aesthetics or functionality, because these shades have both. Sun Filtering Roller Shades

Faux Wood Blinds in Combination with Curtains

Sometimes you need more than one type of blind on your window to ensure that you get the best out of your window dressing ideas. They are very easy to operate as they come in cordless options as well and can be easily maintained with lukewarm water and mild detergent. What makes them last longer than most other shades is their ability to resist both moisture and dust, thanks to high-quality PVC or composite wood material that goes into their construction.

They are also economical to use and you get the benefits of a fabulous wooden design at a much lower cost. However, keep in mind that when you leave your slats tilted open, people outside can also see in, so they do not provide privacy while you let light in. Hence, it is recommended that you combine these blinds with curtains or draperies to ensure you get 100% privacy while getting a nice contemporary look that goes well with the structure and aesthetics of the room. Choose the colors that complement or contradict well without making either of them stick out like a sore thumb.

Faux Wood Blinds with Curtains

While it may be a great idea to spend your time outdoors, either vacationing or sitting out in your front porch, global warming has ensured that we do not feel comfortable in the sun for too long. We seek comfort and must look for window treatments that make us feel at ease inside our bedroom and/or living room. Make your choices wisely by researching well, and you’ll be sure to get great value for your hard-earned money.

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