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Picking the Best Motorized Blinds for Your Home

Top Motorized Blinds 

Reasons Your Home Needs the Top Motorized Blinds

We, of the 21st century, lead a charmed existence, with technology constantly altering and improving our way of life. We’ve got smartphones, smart homes, and self-driving cars, and we’ve got motorized blinds! There are those that feel automation changing something as basic as door or window blinds is an excess, that it’s an example of technology rendering us lazy. Well, they’re wrong. Given the hasty, often maddening pace of modern living, our actions and time hold more value than ever—a moment saved is a moment better utilized—it’s important, after all, to catch one’s breath from time to time, isn’t it? Saving time and energy, however, aren’t the only benefits of cheap motorized shades. Let’s take a quick look at some more reasons motorized blinds are here to stay.

  • They’re a big style boost

Motorized or Automated blinds, such as the motorized wood blinds, are sleek and elegant, which makes them a better fit for modern design and décor sensibilities. With the wide range of materials, colors, and textures available to us, we have the luxury of pursuing newer, more imaginative designs and the means to get closer to their realization than we ever could! Motorized window shades carry a sense of sophistication that sits well with every conceivable décor style, whether it’s traditional, contemporary or futuristic! The key lies in paying close attention to our choice of type of blinds, fabric material, and design.

  • They’re highly efficient

Motorized Window Blinds

The primary purpose of blinds is either ornamentation, privacy, protection from external elements, or all of the aforementioned. Automation has significantly upped the efficiency factor of modern blinds, with motorized versions being superior to their manually operated cousins in every aspect. Motorized blinds open and close to the desired extent every single time, no hassles involved. They leave no scope for the unwanted intrusion, whether human or elemental.

  • They provide enhanced freedom of movement and security

Motorized window solutions have done away with loose, hanging cords which can be a hindrance and a safety concern especially for pets and young children. With these automated blinds adorning your windows or doors, these little ones can move around more freely. The blinds can be programmed to open and close at a particular hour to the liking and benefit of kids and pets. Think of the blinds opening up just as the heat subsides in the evening, setting the mood for the kids and pets to enjoy some playtime, and blinds closing at the exact hour the neighbor’s unfriendly kids get home from school. Or simply having your blinds operate while you aren’t home to give the illusion that your home is occupied. There are many useful applications. Motorized functionality also provides better security against potentially harmful external factors like ultraviolet rays, dust, and strong winds.

  • They’re an easy fix for difficult spots

Finding blinds for square bay windows or skylights can be tricky. Manually opening or closing high window blinds can be even trickier! Motorized versions are a simple solution—pretty enough to draw admiration, easy enough for a child to control.

Automated window solutions are one of the most popular and fastest growing trends in home and lifestyle improvement. With so many benefits and so many options, upgrading to motorized blinds is an inexpensive, intelligent decision.

Considerations for Selecting Top Motorized Blinds for Your Home

We’ve settled that motorized window solutions are a big boon to modern lifestyle. But there are a lot of different models, plenty of different manufacturers in the market and choosing the ones best for your windows or doors can be quite confusing. What factors should the search for the best-automated blinds be based on? Here’s your answer!

The type of motor

Smart Home Window Treatments

One of the biggest considerations when picking motorized window solutions is the type of motor. There are a number of different motors to choose from—solar-powered motors, DC adapter powered motors, hard-wired or plug-in motors and battery powered motors.

Solar powered motors are a green energy solution most effective when the blinds are to be used for windows or doors that face west or south. Since the power source is the sun, it makes perfect sense to opt for solar-powered motors for areas that receive a good amount of sunshine on a daily basis. Solar powered motors aren’t, however, the best choice for windows or doors that have awnings, trees or vegetation blocking the sun.

Motors that run on DC power adapters need to be plugged into an external power outlet and are most suited to windows or doors that are located in close proximity to the power source. There’s no visible wiring apart from the plugin the cord, so if you want to avoid seeing wires you will need to hide the cord or have your power source inside the window opening itself.

Hardwired motors are quite inexpensive, but somewhat complicated when it comes to initial set up. These require wiring to reach the outlet they derive power from. With these motors, it’s always best to call in a trained electrician for installation. These can often result in the cleanest and most functional look after all is said and done, however.

Battery operated motors are perhaps the easiest to install and the most elegant of the lot. They’re ideal for windows and doors that are far off from power outlets. Most battery powered motors work on simple AA batteries. Battery cases are ideal for those who want to avoid the look of hanging power cords, but they will need to be changed every now and then.

Warranty and durability of the motor

When it comes to the operating power, not all motorized window solutions are alike. The motors are similar in terms of their power and size, but it’s essential to go with products from trusted brands that offer complete warranty for all the motor components, blind materials, and craftsmanship. Look for the duration of the warranty as well. Some renowned manufacturing brands offer up to five years of complete warranty on their products—a safe, sensible choice! Make sure to pay close attention to the warranty instructions and terms before making your purchase.

Control features

With automated blinds comes the ability to shut or open them at the click of a button or a tap on the Smartphone screen. That being said, it’s essential to study and understand which facets of the blinds can be controlled and how. Look for automated blinds with quick, intuitive controls. It’s advisable to choose blinds compatible with smart devices. Another important check is whether your phone supports the particular company’s app.

Service and customer support

One of the most significant factors to consider before investing in automated blinds is the brand or manufacturer’s service quality and customer support. Even the most comprehensive of warranty covers is meaningless if the service is poor or lacking. The same also holds true for customer support. Not all issues require a technician’s visit or repairs. Trained, dedicated customer support can help resolve minor issues and prevent major complications. One of the best ways to ascertain a company or manufacturer’s service standards and customer support quality is to look into their history and check out customer reviews of their products along with the comment section on their website and social media pages.

It’s the little things, they say, that make big differences. When it comes to motorized blinds, the little comforts they bring…scheduled opening and closing, adjusting the light and air according to your preferences for different times of the day, saving those precious moments we’d rather use to hug our loved ones a little longer, adding not just comfort, but more time to our lives!

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