Kitchen Window Treatments

5 Modern Kitchen Window Treatments to Replace Your Old Shabby Curtains

5 Modern Kitchen Window Treatments to Replace Your Curtains

One of the most important activities in life is cooking. Research says that almost 15% of your lifetime is spent in the kitchen. The kitchen is the heart of the house and a part of every homeowner’s life. Every kitchen is special, but it’s not only meant for cooking. It’s also where we have most of our experiences and memories.

But are you still stuck using the traditional curtains or Roman shades on your windows? If you’re, then it’s worth to go through these chic & smart choice of window coverings that are tailor-made to endure the volatile environment of a kitchen.

Here we have listed some of the stylish bestselling window treatments that are best suited for different areas in the kitchen.

Why shades and why not curtains?

The windows in your kitchen are important to the overall look and feel of your home. Bring beautiful, Contemporary kitchen Window Treatments to your home and make your kitchen look even more beautiful.These new-age blinds use high-quality material which is designed to resist moisture and avoid regular cleaning.

The kitchen must be hygienic. It is the place where we prepare the food we eat. Contemporary blinds allow you to keep the kitchen clean and hygienic.

Blinds occupy less space compared to curtains. They make the room look bigger than before.
Blinds are more durable than curtains and they offer a smooth look to your kitchen windows.

Now you might be wondering which modern kitchen window coverings are best suited for your home.
Let’s take a look at a few options and see which are best for different areas of your kitchen.

Contemporary Kitchen Window Treatment Ideas

    1. If you are looking for suitable blinds for the windows that are right next to your sink, faux wood blinds are the best.

Faux wood blinds in kitchen
Faux wood blinds possess the best resistance against moisture. As kitchen window treatments experience lot of moisture every single day, this modern kitchen window treatments can withstand the extremely moist and humid conditions of your kitchen. They can also tolerate the strong sunlight without fading. Hence these blinds are extremely durable and the perfect choice for the windows right beside the sink. These are affordable too.

Motorization: Not available
Cordless: Available

  • If you have a window that is facing the garden, roller shades and dual shades are a good choice.
    Roller shades for kitchen
    These windows offer you a lovely view or privacy when you need it. Roller shades and dual shades are energy efficient, which is good for a window that allows a lot of light coming in. These shades allow light to filter in gently and also provide privacy when required. They control the amount of sunlight and heat entering into your kitchen in summer.Motorization: Available
    Cordless: Available (not on dual shades)
  • For windows that are in cold spaces, pleated shades and cellular shades are an amazing choice.
    Cellular shades for modern kitchen
    These modern kitchen shades are resistant to moisture and also keep the kitchen warm.
    The greatest benefit of both pleated and cellular shades is the insulation they provide. Pleated shades are made up of fabric and compress tightly when raised for minimal blockage of the view through the window. If you are the one who looks for a wide range of color choices, pleated shades offer you the most number of colors. Cellular shades offer better insulation than most of the window coverings.

    Motorization: Available
    Cordless: Available

  • The right choice for windows over the counter is aluminum blinds.
    Aluminum blinds for modern kitchen
    Aluminum blinds are light, strong, beautiful, recyclable, easy to clean, and best of all, affordable. These modern kitchen blinds offer great light control and they are tough too. When closed, aluminum blinds do a good job of sealing warmth inside your kitchen. These blinds are so durable that if you look after them well, they seem to last forever.Motorization: Available
    Cordless: Available
  • For the windows that are facing the road, sheer horizontal shades are the best choice.
    Aluminum blinds for modern kitchen
    Windows facing the road require privacy and light control above all else, and sheer horizontal shades solve both of these issues through their unique mechanism. When these Contemporary Kitchen Window shades are closed completely, they will tilt open like a blind and gently spread the light. Otherwise, they work as a roller and are closed to provide privacy.Motorization: Available
    Cordless: Available for one product (Crown premium sheer shades)

Motorized shades allow you to operate your window treatments with the touch of a button. They are operated by a wireless remote that is both easy and convenient to use. With smart motorization and some clever configuration, you can have your shades adjust automatically according to the temperature or position of the sun. Make your life easy bringing these shades to your kitchen.

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