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Get a Classic Gorgeous Interior Makeover with Top Down Window Shades

Top Down Window Shades

Maximize the Natural Light and Security with Top Down Window Shades

Being a homeowner, you will always look for the things that will maintain your home’s value while fulfilling all your desires. If you are someone who spends most of your time inside the house, then two things are essential to keep your health well-maintained – natural light and fresh air. But in the real world, when we spend so many hours inside, we get less fresh air and less time to spend in a natural environment. According to research, people are likely to invest more in homes that let a lot of natural daylight. Large or wide windows are one of the best ways to let more light into your interior and because of that we love to keep those windows bare all day long. But home’s security is another main factor to look for. And that is why we consider covering our windows and doors completely. But with the latest technology and innovation, everything is possible, and you can have both of the natural sunlight and protection with one unique solution – Top Down Window Shades.

Top Down Bottom Up Cellular Shades

There are various gadgets (e.g. – smart cameras or doorbells) available that can provide your home with the ultimate security level, but that cannot offer other necessary things a home requires. Top-down window coverings are the only way that come with unbelievable advantages which make them a practical choice for every home. There are two primary reasons to love this type of window blind –

  • Enjoy natural light and privacy at the same time
  • Have a beautiful outside view without raising the treatment entirely
  • Bring a soft elegance and subtle beauty inside your décor

This feature is customizable with almost every window blind type. Bring them home now and get them installed to enhance the aura and beauty of your windows!

How Top Down Bottom Up Shades Affect Your Interior Outlook

TDBU lifts can be featured with many shades offered by top renowned brands. And all the shades come up with a massive range of colors, textures, and design choices. The styles are designed to give your interior an outstanding appearance that can create a fashion statement for your home. Whether you see your windows from inside the room or outside, their incredible beauty will give your eyes calmness and relaxation. Pick up the pattern wisely so that you can enjoy their timeless beauty.

Top Down Bottom Up Pleated Shades

Work Mechanism: Top Down Window Treatments

When it comes to your window transformation, there cannot be a better choice than the top down window dressings. Their amazing functionality and smooth flexibility help the treatments to become a highlighted and popular selection among all. When you have these coverings mounted on your windows, you not only gain the privacy but also have access to control the amount of light throughout the interior. But how these top-down shades work? This is the most frequent question asked by the customers, especially who are new to this type of décor.

The top-down mechanism allows the shades to be adjusted and pulled down from the top. Think the opposite of normal blinds, where instead of the blind raising from the bottom, it lowers from the top. Pulling down the shades from the top area will allow natural light in, but will still block the outside view at the bottom part. This lets you keep privacy at eye level, but let in light at the top part of your window to illuminate the room. Keep them in the desired position or as per your requirements and enjoy their seamless benefits all year around.

Here are a few reasons that make them distinctive from other products –

  • Highly flexible
  • A perfect balance of incoming natural light and privacy
  • Easy smooth operation depending on the needs
  • Stunning appearance with the benefit of easy customization
  • Extremely energy-efficient lowers down the energy costs
  • Can be used in any commercial building or workspace
  • Budget-friendly
  • Durable and versatile

There is one more reason to invest in these window designs – The Cordless Functionality

To move the position of the shade, a blind will come up with standard cord control. Cord controls have proven to be a hazardous object to kids and pets, as they can get tangled in them or pull on them and risk the blind crashing down. But with TDBU shades, you don’t have to worry anymore. The cordless design with this shade gives your home an uncluttered makeover while ensuring safety for your kids and pets. With this mechanism, simply push or pull the shade itself and it will move to where you want it.

Cordless top down bottom up shades have some cons as well, like – they don’t work well for high windows. But they are an incredible solution for other window types.

Cordless Top Down Bottom Up Cellular Shades

Cleaning Method – Cleaning this type of shade is not that difficult also. Take a duster or vacuum cleaner to remove all the dirt and dust. You can deep clean them as well but that completely depends on the fabric type. Know your product first and take the right step.

Installation – When we think about the installation, most of us get confused. The first step, we should be aware of the measurements because a small mistake can lead you to get the wrong product. You can install this kind of solution in both inside and outside of the window frame. Experience the most easy installation procedure with our DIY video tutorials or the manual attached to the product.

Make the Best Choice for Your Dream Home!!

Top down bottom shades are a complete package of high-quality technology and versatility that you can’t find in other window blinds or shades. Personalize them as you want because a proper selection can give your indoor an artistic feel while bringing warmth and calmness. Consult with the experienced window shade professionals to know more about this product!

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