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A Thorough Look Into the Functionality of Top Down Bottom Up Wood Blinds

Top Down Bottom Up Window Shades

Top Down Bottom Up Window Shades – A Thorough Look


The various window blinds that we purchase from the market come with a myriad of advantages which make them a rather practical option in all kinds of homes. Of course, they all differ in shapes, textures, and functionalities, and what you purchase depends a lot on the kind of requirements you have. If you stay in coastal and humid climates, you would want the blinds to keep away the outside temperature and would look for ones made of good insulating material. If you stay in a sunny yet pleasant environment, you’d rather go for sheer curtains made of materials such as lace that will let in lots of sunlight and let your home be a haven of comfort and nature.

Then there are blinds such as Bermuda shades that are meant to be used in areas prone to heavy rainfall and storms. Owing to their shape, they can be pulled back inside whenever the winds are intense. These days, window treatments like top down bottom up wood blinds have come into the market that has made shopping easier for those who are new to the arena of window decor.


How do Top Down Bottom Up Window Shades Work?

How do top down bottom up shades work? This is a pertinent question asked by anyone who wants to go for these multipurpose window treatments. The top down bottom up feature is one of the major and most redeeming highlights in the world of window treatments. This is because when you have these shades installed, you can not only gain complete privacy in your room whenever you desire but you can also control the level of light you want inside.

Their construction allows them to be adjusted from the top of the blinds as well as from the bottom. When they are adjusted at the desired level, the shades let in light from the top but still block views at the bottom of the window, allowing more flexible light control and privacy.

These window treatments are highly flexible and we can operate them according to our requirements. This feature coupled with their ease of operation and unconventional looks makes them highly popular window dressing options that can be set up in every room of the house. They can also be equally applicable to commercial buildings, offices, and cafes. Being highly energy efficient, they can bring your electricity costs down whether you are operating them in summers or winters.


Cordless Top Down Bottom Up Crown Cellular Shades



Cordless Top Down Bottom Up Crown Cellular Shades


Crown is known for its very effective window treatments that are worth your investment and made of highly durable materials. People swear by this brand’s functionality and fabulous construction. Like all window shades by Crown, these cordless light filtering cellular shades are contemporary, safe, simple and efficient, and they also come at affordable prices. One of their key highlights is their texture; they are made from soft materials which make your room glow with natural outdoor light. At the same time, they also protect the home from outsiders and give you enough privacy to sleep unperturbed.

Coming in various colors such as Antique Linen, Bay leaf, Cool Silver, Cool White, and Espresso, these window treatments boast of superior quality polyester with a lightly textured appearance. The honeycomb material and construction ensures that the cell pockets trap both hot as well as cold air to provide effective insulation during diverse temperatures.

The cordless feature is designed so you could operate them without having the ugly strings on the sides that give shades an uncluttered and untidy look. In the absence of the cords, there is no risk of children strangulating on these cords and posing life risks. With the top down bottom up feature, the control feature is easy by lowering the shade from the top as well as raising them from the bottom. An organized rail system and integrated systems make the operation smooth, and the sturdy construction ensures they do not sag or crack prematurely.


Cordless Top Down Bottom Up Mirage Blackout Cellular Shades from Crown


Cordless Top Down Bottom Up Mirage Blackout Cellular Shades from Crown


The other popular style of honeycomb shades, as well as top down bottom up shades, are the Mirage Blackout shades from Crown that are known for their modern style and functionality, coupled with their cordless feature and privacy that they provide, as a result of their blackout fabrics.

Ideal for bedrooms, media rooms and places where utmost privacy is a must, these shades provide all the major features that you expect from window coverings at a low price. They are made from premium polyester fabric with Mirage coating and a blackout effect. The reliable brand of Crown ensures that these blinds are made to order and custom made according to the size of your windows and space inside the room. They can be mounted both inside or outside of the room as well. With its crisp and sharp pleats, they offer a unique blend of style and function that is difficult to replicate in any other form of window dressing.

These blinds, being made of a water-resistant material, can be easily cleaned through dusting, vacuuming and spot removal.


Benefits of Top Down Bottom Up Shades

To provide a brief summary, here are a few advantages of top-down bottom-up shades that will prompt you to purchase them without giving a second thought.


  • Light Control: Adjust the shades and have as much or as little light you need.

  • Privacy: They won’t anyone let get to peek inside the room, thus ensuring your place is safe from prying eyes.

  • Temperature Control: Have the shades trap air, thus controlling heat and cold and protecting you from extreme temperatures.

  • Energy Efficiency: As heat and cold can be easily controlled by their honeycomb mechanisms, top-down bottom-up blinds help you control your energy costs.

  • Cost-Efficient: Many modern window treatments come at expensive rates, but TDBU shades are easy on your pockets, and this is a major reason why they are so popular.

  • Minimally Attractive: They do not come with overwhelming or loud designs, which makes them a fine addition to any kind of room for a place. They can easily adapt to their surroundings, making them a perfect fit.

To sum up, the functionality of top down bottom up shades gives you every reason to go for them. They are durable, cost-effective, attractive, provide privacy, light and heat control, and are versatile: qualities that you will rarely find together in any other window blinds. We suggest you shop for them at ZebraBlinds to get them made to order according to your requirements. Have a professional over at your home to help you set them up.

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