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5 Situations Where Honeycomb Blinds Are the Most Effective Window Treatments

Top Down Bottom Up Cellular Shades

Top Down Bottom Up Cellular Shades – Most Effective Window Treatments

We all have our personal tastes in clothes, food, music and in our general way of living. A few of us prefer spicy food while some like it bland. A few of us like the features of an iPhone while others swear by the benefits of a Samsung handset. Similarly, we have our choices in home decor, especially the window blinds that we install. What appears pleasing to us may be an eyesore for another.

However, before we decide on the blinds according to our perception of beauty, the primary requirement that we must look for is their practical benefits: their effectiveness in heat control, light control, moisture resistance, durability and sound absorption, among others.

A few of the best window blinds available in the market include Roman Shades, Roller Blinds, Venetian Blinds, Shutters, and Curtains. Yet another name that crops up when we talk of wonderful window treatments is that of honeycomb or cellular shades.

Top Down Bottom Up Cellular Shades

At ZebraBlinds, you get one-of-a-kind top down bottom up cellular shades where you can get a substantial level of light inside along with the necessary privacy. It all depends on your requirement at that specific time of day. With a top down bottom up cellular shades, brought to you from some of the best brands in the market such as Crown and Graber, you can enjoy the contemporary looks of these window treatments along with indoor window protection against heat, sound, and light. The amazing design of honeycomb shades (layers of shades with cell pockets inside to trap heat and light) makes them great energy efficient options.

Top Down Bottom Up Cellular Shades

With the top down bottom up approach, you can either lower the shades or raise them from the bottom to the desired level in a way that you get a good amount of sunlight as well as the desired level of privacy. These cellular shades are pretty easy to install and can be set up in any kind of room, including kids’ bedrooms, study, your living room or the bedroom.

Single cell vs double cell blinds

Single and Double Cell Blinds

Honeycomb shades can either come with single cells or double cells. In the former, you get them with only one layer of fabric in a light, paper-like material which is easy to handle to install and is used mostly for light diffusion purpose. However, if you want your shades to protect the indoors against heat and cold and for insulation purposes, it’s better to go for double cell blinds. As the name suggests, they come with more than two layers of fabrics which trap heat inside the cell pockets designed in such a way that heat is trapped inside. Similarly, during winters, they allow the prevention of escape of inside heat and resist against outside cold.

When Are Honeycomb Shades Most Effective?

Honeycomb shades are one of the most popular window treatments available that are known for their variety of purposes. Let us have a look at some of the situations when honeycomb shades are most effective:

1) When you need privacy

In the middle of a bustling city, seeking even a little amount of privacy can be a tough task, as a lot of noise comes through our window spaces. However, when you have effective cellular shades in place, you can take a good night’s sleep or work without interruption without being bothered by outside traffic or kids hollering in the hallway.

2) When you want a minimal design feature

Why not go for window treatments that present a sober touch to your home rather than settle for gaudy and loud colors and designs? When simple yet classy designs are what you are looking for, we think there’s nothing better than the textured look of honeycomb shades.

3) When you need to cut down your electricity costs

With their amazing insulation features, honeycomb blinds keep your interiors at room temperature during high summers and prevent the escape of heat during winters. When they are in place all through the year, you can be assured your air conditioning and central heating costs are cut to a minimum. They are great investments that you must not let go of.

4) When you have kids or pets in the house

With the advent of technology in the arena of window treatments, honeycomb blinds were one of the first ones to make use of the motorized feature. With this feature, they do pose little threat to your kids or pets as they do not have any cords.

To sum up, honeycomb or cellular blinds are one of the most efficient and useful window treatments that you can go for. Suitable for any situation and in any part of the home, they are great investments worth going for in the long run.

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