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Top 5 Smart Blinds To Keep Out The Summer Heat

Top 5 Smart Blinds To Keep Out The Summer Heat

The best way to bring the outdoors inside is through your windows. If you have a large window or an arched window in your house, then during mornings, the sunlight will dance through the windows. Almost everyone enjoys the summer, but no one likes the excessive heat. So how can you relish the summer and yet avoid the heat? This is where blinds come to your rescue.

Blinds are a window covering made from wood/metal/plastic and then arranged in vertical/horizontal slats. These slats stay in place due to the chords that are present on the backside of the blind. You can easily either roll the blinds up or tie them with a thread or by remote or manually. Unlike curtains, where you generally can’t adjust light and privacy together, window blinds help you to achieve that. This article will talk about how to fight summer with smart window blinds.

Here are five smart blinds that you can choose for your window to keep the summer heat away.

  • Perfect fit blinds

Are you looking for blinds that are easy to install so that you don’t have to use screws or drillers? Well, to relieve yourself of that tension, you can easily opt for perfect fit blinds. These blinds use aluminium slats and are extremely lightweight. Being lightweight, you can easily put it up without much trouble, and it also adds a touch of sophistication to your space. With these blinds, you can achieve full privacy as well as controlled ventilation.

Another reason why people are opting for these blinds nowadays is that they are child proof blinds. Unlike the other blinds, it is quite easy to clean these blinds as you can also easily remove it for cleaning purposes.

Perfect fit blinds are a perfect addition to any modern interior as they come in different colours and textures. So, they not only protect you from the glaring heat of the sun, but also come with other advantages too.

  • Roller Shades

If you are looking for a single piece of material to cover your windows to avoid the summer heat, then go for roller blinds. These shades wrap easily around the case and get fitted to the top of the frame both from inside and outside. You can operate them by either a chain mechanism or with a motor and remote. Since they are single piece of material, they are more effective in keeping away the heat of the scorching sun. These blinds not only block out the heat but also are flame and moisture resistant. Apart from this feature, you can find different designs/colours/fabrics for these shades.

  • Wood and faux wood blinds

One of the oldest types of blinds are the blinds made from wood or faux wood. To make these blinds, mostly oak gets used. Faux wood is mainly made from PVC, or composite. Many people wonder if wood and faux woods are the same and often get confused about which would be a better option.

Though both keep the summer heat away, both are a bit different from each other. But if you are living in a high humidity region, you should go for faux wood or another waterproof blind rather than wood blinds. Since wood blinds can’t tolerate high humidity and will wear off if they remain exposed for a long duration. But if you compare faux woods to normal wood, then the latter is the best choice to block UV rays and strong heat.

  • Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds, as the name suggests, have their slats placed vertically. One of the advantages of having these vertical blinds is that it collects less dust. These vertical blinds are either made of wood or from other fabrics. The vertical blinds are best known for trap heat during wintry days and keep out the heat during summer. With vertical blinds, you can adjust the amount of light entering your space and keep in check your privacy!

Since these blinds have an internal system of chords, it is safe for children and pets. Another important feature of these blinds is that they use anti-flame materials. You can use vertical blinds on bifold/patio windows, conservatory windows or bay windows. Apart from using them on windows, you can also use them in your office, kitchen, and bathroom. Vertical blinds come in different colours/textures and designs.

  • Venetian blinds

If you are wondering how to fight summer with smart window blinds, then choose Venetian blinds. These blinds are the most common blinds that you’ll find among households. Venetian blinds use horizontal tills, which use metal, PVC, plastic, vinyl and sometimes wood as their material.

Unlike others, these blinds have slanted slats which keep the light as well as summer heat controlled. Once you close these blinds, nothing is visible from the outside.

If you are in a place where there’s excessive summer heat, you should go for aluminium Venetian blinds. It not only keeps the summer heat away but also keeps the room cool. So if you want, you can go for different coloured and textured Venetian blinds.

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