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To Light or Not to Light

Sunlight is both the beauty and the beast in your home. Long-term exposure to sunlight can damage your home interiors, especially the expensive decor. Wooden floors, furniture, walls, paintings, leather sofas, and even window drapes fade in color and finish with long term exposure.

However, going solar has become a new innovative way to save the planet and save money. Using natural light in your home has become the new trend for home decor. It is not only fashionable but economical and eco-friendly. Having solar-powered homes decrease energy costs and allows you to do your part for the planet.

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Real Wood Blinds with Tape Clothes

Then the question is, how to protect your home from too much sunlight? Home and Garden shows tell you to use special UV resisting polish for the patio, or UV resisting windows for you home. Although we can’t help you with patio, we at Zebra Blinds can help you for the interior of your home. Drapes may look fashionable, but the material fades with over exposure to sunlight and completely blocks the natural light from entering your home. Blinds, shutters, or other such window coverings are a much better choice for your windows.

Blinds and other such window coverings are not as efficient as UV-resistant window glass, but they do help decrease damage to your home and allow you to use natural light. These window coverings can be custom made to suit your home decor style. They can even help accentuate your decor with the effective manipulation of the natural light through the window blinds settings. Another less known fact, blinds help to hold in thermal energy better than drapes, which means lower energy costs for heating your home as well.

I don’t doubt that blinds can be expensive, especially when they are custom made. They can even be a hassle to buy and install, considering the many types of blinds and specific installation requirements. To make things easier for you, Zebra Blinds has set the whole process online. They allow you to pick your material, color, and even the type of blinds and measurements. The site also provides detailed instructions to help you narrow down your options, and your product is delivered with its warranty to your doorstep. The best part of the deal is that these prices are the lowest I have ever seen. They are even lower than other well-known companies.

So what are you waiting for? Click and pick your blinds. Save the planet, save your home!

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