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Tips to Better Insulating Shades and Drapes

With the arrival of winter it is time for your heater to start huffing and puffing till your house begins to shake and your wallet begins to shrink. But no matter how much heat your heater pumps if your house is poorly insulated it is just never going to get warm.

Now we at have a few tips to ensure your heater can get a break and your wallet can stop weeping paying the heating bills. We suggest better insulation for areas you don’t usually think about, areas like your windows.

Winter window treatments will help you keep the cold out of your house to help you maintain a comfortable temperature and save you money on heating. There are certain winter window treatments like insulating blinds, shades or drapes that can help with additional insulation and reduce the heat loss.

Window Dressing: No matter what kind of windows you have, windows are often a weak point in your home as they leak the heat from within your home. Moreover, the windows with glasses are also not so effective in reducing the amount of heat transfer. In order to enhance the insulating power of the windows, it is possible to use insulated window coverings like honeycomb window shades, Roller Solar Shades, and more.

Commercial products: Window Shades and drapes are designed to offer a high level of insulation. You can compare the products by seeing their R-value. The higher the value better the insulation. You can also use thermal lining for drapes, insulated shades and more to save energy in winter.

All the available options and the best option for your home can now be found easily at Check out our quick pick option or a quick search will help you fulfill all your winter needs.

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