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Tips for Installing Outdoor Shades or Exterior Shades

Exterior Shades make your living space extended

Outdoor shades take the battle against sunlight right to the forefront, leaving your interior decor undisturbed. It is general parlance that covers a broad range of products including patio shades, sun shades or exterior solar shades on your windows. No matter what type of outdoor shades you install, they all serve the purpose of protecting your home/patios from the glare of hot sun.


Exterior Shades stop heat transference in your rooms, consequently bringing down heat gain, keeping your home cool and significantly bringing down air conditioning costs. They are ideal for your decks, patios, garage, mudroom, porches, and windows that bear the brunt of sunlight falling on them directly.


Installing outdoor shades allow you to build a splendid extension to your home that gives you the freedom of leaving windows and doors open to experience fresh air without worrying about the privacy, heat or sunlight. Also, they add beauty to the appearance of your home with their sleek presence. While they give you more privacy by enclosing open spaces around your home, they do not completely shut you off from outdoors like many interiors shades would do.


Outdoor shades need a lot of your attention when you buy them for the first time because they come under attack of inclement weather, dust and direct, intense sunlight loaded with harmful UV rays. You have to consider the operating system, fabrics and other aspects of the outdoor shades that would make it durable enough to last under harsh condition as well as convenient to use.



With all the technical progress, it not tough for you to find a perfect fabric for your outdoor sun shades. There is a comprehensive collection of textures, hues/colors and fabric openness for you to choose on the market today. The fabrics for outdoor shades are designed keeping their specific applications in mind. They endure the hostility of extreme weather without any added protection.


Some fabric materials are given special treatment to serve a particular purpose. For example, Graber gives their fabrics an elaborate antimicrobial treatment that helps prevent the shades beings stained or being malodorous due to mold and bacterial buildup. They are also GreenGuard certified, which ensures that any off-gassing of the shades remain under permissible levels. The exterior solar shade fabrics are made of 35% Polyester-65% Vinyl on Fiberglass, for instance, which adds to their durability under extreme conditions.


On the other hand, Crown solar outdoor shades are fashioned keeping in mind all your outdoor requirements. They have come out with shade fabrics that serve you the best. You can choose protection from carcinogenic UV rays through the shade fabrics that allow 10%, 5% or 3% level of transparency. You can decide what is that you need – more privacy, better protection or a better view of the outside. Pay some attention to the weave of the fabric as well, because they make a huge impact on the outcome of the protection you receive from shades.


Colors and openness of the fabric play quite an important role in shades, besides serving the artistic needs of your home decoration. Dark colored shades give a better view and reduce sun’s glare – creating the perfect ambiance for using computers. On the other hand, light colored fabrics are excellent for heat reduction, in addition to blocking harmful UV rays effectively.

The most popular colors available for outdoor shades

· Alabaster

· Chalk

· Ebony

· Grey-stone

· Tobacco

· Beige

· Pearl Gray

· Charcoal Chestnut

· Charcoal Gray

· Charcoal-Alpaca

· Oyster Beige

· Oyster Pearl Gray

· Ash

· Ebony

· Granite

· Pebble-stone

· Pewter

· Espresso

· Slate

· White

· Caramel

· Oak

· Birch

Depending on the colors you’ve used for your home or office decor, it is not difficult to find the perfect match in this spectrum of colors available to you.



The best option is to be in control of your outdoor shades from the comfort of your home. The various controls available for shades are as follows:

· Standard continuous-loop lift system

· Motorized lift

Innovative safety enhancements in operating systems have made them entirely safe for pets and children. Cordless internal gear controls are always a better alternative, but they are best suited for windows that you can’t reach out to raise or lower by hand.

The best option for outdoor shades is always the motorized exterior shades version, which allows you to operate shades with just a touch of a button either on a handheld remote or switch on your wall. These controls are perfect for windows out of your reach. The remote allows you to raise or lower your outdoor shades from the comfort of your couch or bed. Running on metal cables that stand strong in the harsh outdoor condition, they also have cassettes into which the shades can be retracted into during high winds. It also comes with optional timer to automatically open or close the shades when you are away.

Customizing your outdoor shades or blinds will make them fit windows, porch doors or patios perfectly.

The ideal step by step procedure of customizing your outdoor shade would be to:

1. Make your preference between indoor and outdoor shades

2. Select your product with the most suitable fabric, color, and measurement

3. Order free sample if you want to be sure before purchase.

4. Select a mount option

5. Get accurate measurements

6. Select your preferred operating system, stack option, vane, valance and brackets for your shades

Once you are unquestionably sure of your choices, go ahead and place your order. Get set to take advantage of these excellent outdoor shades that provide a sleek look to enhance outdoor styling.


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