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Tips for Easy Maintenance of Smart Window Shades

Tips for Easy Maintenance of Smart Window Shades

The world has seen limitless innovations and technological advancements throughout the years. However, in the home automation space, technological progress is becoming more and more purpose driven. Along with improvement in comfort, aesthetics, and convenience, the new technology is energy-efficient, and saves time and effort. Cheap motorized shades have become smarter and there is no compromise when it comes to style. People are preferring smart window treatments over the conventional ones and for good reason.

Like any other shades, the smart window coverings also need maintenance and cleaning. Dirt and stains ruin their look and thus, the look of the entire room. It is probably a waste if the shades that were put up to add elegance to the room go dull and instead give the effect opposite to what was intended. Moreover, with time the motor fitted for automating the function of the shades also needs proper care.

Here are 8 Tips for Easy Maintenance of Smart Window Shades to keep in mind.

  1. Clean using a vacuum cleaner

Nowadays, the fabric options available in shades are easy to clean. The real enemy mostly is the dust. Vacuuming is the best way to clean them out. However, even if the fabric material selection is fancy and it gets difficult to clean, there’s nothing to worry about. With a vacuum cleaner, the shades can be properly cleaned and made dust and dirt free again. But it is necessary to get a brush attachment for this. To reach the corners of the window shades or door shades that are towards the ceiling, the brush is a huge help.
Vacuum Cleaning Smart Shades

    1. Proper location to protect your motors

The smart shades can be automatically rolled up and down with the help of the motor that is mounted on the top. The mounting of the motor should also be done strategically, such that it does not meet water during raining season, etc. A protection box can be used to cover the motor to protect is from environmental damages and for increasing the life of it.

    1. Use Multiple Control Systems

The smart shades can be programmed to perform multiple functions, today. To leverage its true potential, it is necessary to rightly program the window shades and make operating them super easy. It is a good idea to use various ways to control the shades. They can be operated using a remote control, a touch pad, a smartphone, or even through voice-controlled assistants. This makes everything handy and adds in extra comfort in operation. Say, the remote-control stops working or the remote cannot be found, the shades can be easily operated via other interfaces.
Voice Assistant Devices

    1. Take Care of the Stains

It is common to find stains everywhere. With kids and pets in the house, the problem of stains increases tremendously. Stain on the shades ruin the entire look. Therefore, these should be cleaned at regular intervals. It is easier to remove a fresh stain and a damp cloth does the job in this case. However, for the stains have dried and left the mark already, using a rubber sponge is a good idea. The trick is to not soak the cloth or the sponge in too much water, as this can ruin the fabric of the shades. With a gentle hand, stains can be taken care of. Cleaning the stain when it is fresh is a good idea.
Cleaning Smart Shades

    1. Do Not Soak

Whatever the fabric of the smart motorized shades, never soak them in water or use any kind of spray on them directly. For spot treatment, a wet towel used gently is recommended, as we have seen above. Soaking the shades directly in the water or soap can ruin the fabric and hence, should be avoided. For treatments such as the motorized wood blinds it can also damage the wood. Moreover, in the smart shades the mechanical elements present for the automation may get damaged if they come in direct contact with water.

    1. Keep up-to-date with your voice assistant

It is possible to get the voice assistants to recognize a particular voice. Going into the settings, it is possible to create a voice profile. The assistant then records and studies the voice through the profile and this makes it easy for it to understand the commands. The voice-controlled assistants also record all the other commands given to them for study process. There are many other functions that the smart assistants can do when combined with window shades, like they have whispering mode for the nighttime, etc. Moreover, new features keep on getting added with new updates. Make sure to stay abreast with all that is important in order to get the best out of it.

    1. Basic Maintenance

There are few basic things to do for the maintenance of automated shades, like regular dusting, regularly operating for smooth working of the motor, etc. Other than this, there are few other things that should be taken care of, like the windows should be closed during heavy winds or rains to avoid damage. Taking care of these basic things will ensure that the window shades remain well for years and the investment pays off.
Cleaning Smart Roller Shades

  1. Call in Professionals

For certain issues with the smart window coverings that cannot be fixed on our own, the professionals should be consulted for help. Trying to fix what we don’t understand is never a good idea.

With time, our homes are getting smarter. Adopting the newer technologies for window treatments doesn’t just have functional benefits, but also adds to the enhancement of the look of a house. Like it is with every other thing, even the smart window shades need timely maintenance. This ensures proper functioning of the shades for a longer period of time and ensures value for the money invested in them. Only buying the right smart shades is not enough, maintaining them properly is equally important!

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