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5 Ways to Get Timer Shades That Work on a Schedule

5 Ways To Get Timer Shades That Work On A Schedule

Motorized outdoor shades are the recent popular trend as they boast of a number of functional and practical benefits that provide your space with something extra.

Motorized window shades have come as a boon for homeowners across the globe. The ease of operation and their superior control system have allowed them to charm their way into the heart of people. They contribute to increased safety and security of your homes, they are best designed to maximize energy efficiency in the house, help create a comfortable ambiance indoors and offer so much more. Integrating modern technology and innovation to the window treatments are the best way forward for a luxurious living. There are plenty of benefits that you can expect from your smart blinds and shades which include efficient light control, privacy, energy-efficiency, indoor protection, safety, and security of your space. These window dressings become the perfect decorative factor for your home décor that add dimension as well. If you are looking for ease of use, enhanced safety, and ultimate comfort, then motorized window treatments are the answer.

These window privacy shades are accessible using different remote controllers, Smartphones, or voice-controlled assistants.

Besides these smart gadgets, other controlling options for your cheap motorized shades include wall switches, programmable timers, and sun sensors. Among all these options, the timer is the most convenient automatic mechanism which allows your shading to work on a pre-set time. Whether you want natural light or privacy at particular times of the day, schedule the timer shades and they will work automatically at the desired time. Programmable timers operate single or multiple window blinds together or individually.

Timers are specialty Radio frequency remote controls compatible with any Somfy RTS motors. They are battery-powered and don’t need any additional wiring for operation. Program your timer window shades at the same time every day or at different times each day, depending on the requirements. This wireless timer transmits the radio signals to an antenna located in the shade motor. In the headrail, there is a microprocessor which is used to decode the signal to activate the motor, and then the shades will open and close at your desired schedule time. Programming a timer involves setting the current time and date. Whether you are setting the timer for an event timing, weekly timing, or daily timing, they have to be pre-set. With this simple operation, the shades will raise and lower automatically and offer multiple benefits –
• When you are far away from home, pre-programming the shades will create the illusion of occupancy, enhancing the home’s safety and security level.
• Love to sleep in complete darkness, but want the morning sunlight in the morning? Pre-program your shades to open in the morning to let in the sunlight and wake you up naturally.
• During summer, just set the timer when the outside temperature reaches its peak. Automatic closing will control the energy-efficiency of your home while lowering the electricity costs.
In this way, you can use these timers for multiple uses and set them to raise and lower at your time.

Top Five Timer Shades that Work on a Schedule

• Skylight Window Shades:
These shades offer direct daylight to enter your home making your indoor ambiance warm and uneasy for your comfort. These shades are operable using a sky pole but featuring them with motorization will add value to your space. Pre-program the shades and allow them to close automatically when the heat rises. In this way, the timer takes care of your home by controlling natural light and increasing energy-efficiency, creating a pleasing and soothing indoor.
Motorized Skylight Shades
• Cellular Shades:
If you are looking forward to making your home insulated then motorized cellular shades are a great choice. Their capability in trapping the excess air inside the air pockets makes them unique and distinct from other window solutions. And when you integrate motorization and enable the timer option, their efficiency is enhanced. Set them at your preferred time, and the shades will close automatically when the outside temperature is high, saving your energy bills.
Motorized Cellular Window Coverings
• Roman Shades:
These window shades are popular and fashionable for their incredible aesthetics and functionality. Whether you are looking for daylight management or enhanced security, just fix the timers at the desired time and these timer shades will fulfil all your needs.
Smart Roman Shades
• Pleated Shades:
When you are looking for a crisp and delicate design to dress up your windows, pleated shades is a great choice. Featuring the shades with smart technology enhances the functional aspects of the dressings dramatically. And when you schedule the timer option of these smart pleated shades, you enjoy maximum efficiency.
Smart Pleated Shades
• Natural Shades:
If you want to add an earthy-essence inside your home, then motorized natural shades are an excellent choice. They infuse warmth and a soft glow to the interiors of the house. Their excellence in controlling daylight and privacy makes them a magnificent choice to install on your windows. Pre-program the shades will raise and lower the panels at the particular time of the day, creating the perfect balance of natural sunlight while improving the privacy level.

No matter what smart blinds or shades you select, the timer option will bring value to your home. Set them at your desired time, and see the magic. So, create an ultra-modern home with an efficient window treatment with a timer enabled motorization.