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Throw Away Your Boring Vertical Blinds And Get These Modern Patio Door Coverings

Throw Away Your Boring Vertical Blinds And Get These Modern Patio Door Coverings

A patio is that quintessential area of one’s house where a person can relax, unwind, and forget all worries. A well-decorated patio with a proper landscape has the potential to significantly boost the value of any residential property. That is one of the reasons why it is so important to ensure that one’s patio has a welcoming and comfortable ambiance.

Patio door coverings go a long way in creating such an ambiance. These blinds enhance the beauty of your house. If you go for outdoor blinds, they can also provide that much-needed privacy for your patio door or backyard. When most people are looking for window cover options for patio doors, the “default” option usually happens to be the good old vertical blinds. Although highly common, We would like to suggest an alternative for today’s modern houses. 

Here’s Why Vertical Blinds Are Losing Their Charm

While vertical blinds are popular when it comes to patio door covering ideas, they have simply been around for far too long. Not only has the installation of these window treatments become far too common, but their traditional style is also outdated. Although vertical blinds come in styles like vinyl and fabric, they still fall short in comparison to the versatile materials of patio door coverings like honeycomb shades and natural woven shades. Here are some reasons why vertical blinds seem to be going out of style:

  • Unsuitable for Patio Doors

Vertical blinds are more suitable for smaller windows since their height can create the illusion of a larger window. However, when it comes to your patio doors, which are already large, vertical blinds can seem unfitting and out of context.

  • Noisy and Disturbing

Besides their unsuitability for large sliding doors, these blinds can also be extremely noisy to operate. The reason for the noise can be attributed to the vertical columns that swing and collide when the blinds are opened.

Considering this scenario, it is important to note that the beauty of a house is not only determined by the visual appeal and interplay of colors, but also by the overall acoustics. So if a pleasant-sounding room matters to you, it might be the right time to ditch those boring vertical blinds and upgrade to a suave and modern blinds instead.

  • Flimsy and Overly Delicate

If you are still not convinced that vertical blinds can make your patio look rather dull and monotonous, then you should consider just how prone to damage these window treatments are. Vertical blinds are susceptible to malfunction, broken chains, and the slats rotating incorrectly or getting damaged. The thickness of said slats can also block the view and interfere with the natural elements and aesthetics.

  • Require High-Maintenance

Cleaning and maintaining vertical blinds is no easy task. These blinds require high maintenance and if that aspect is neglected, the build-up of dirt could adversely affect the smooth functioning of the blinds. Also, since these blinds usually tend to touch the floor, they can easily pick up dirt, and cleaning them regularly can mean extending the list of household chores.

Trending Ideas for Modern Patio Door Coverings

When one considers the relevance of traditional vertical blinds in this era of smart and motorized window blinds, it seems like a sensible option to upgrade to better window treatments. It is safe to say that the era of covering patio doors with vertical blinds is gradually ending which is why you should take your patio decoration up a notch and opt for far better patio door treatments such as the ones mentioned below:

  • Cellular Shades

Cellular shades, also known as honeycomb shades, are perfect for your home if the scorching summery days are getting in the way of your comfort. Thanks to the insulation properties of these blinds with their “cell-like” structure, honeycomb blinds are built for keeping your house cool even when it is extremely hot outside. These energy-efficient blinds are available in both horizontal and vertical formats. Furthermore, they can be customized to fit any patio door perfectly, no matter the scale and dimensions.

  • Natural Shades

For nature-lovers who aspire for a tropical look, the natural woven shades are great for bringing that outdoorsy vibe right into their space. The natural and organic textures of woven wood can add rustic yet contemporary elements to the interiors of any house. These shades are one of the most sophisticated choices whether you have French doors or single patio doors.

  • Sliding Panel Track Blinds

Developed by Graber, the sliding panel track blinds are perfect for homeowners who are looking to personalize their patio door treatments. These blinds are ideal for creating a sense of fragmentation as well as newness in large rooms. What sets these sliding panels apart is the fact that they tend to tidily stack together and offer a wide-open view when drawn open.

Final Thoughts

If the ideas for modern and urbane patio door coverings mentioned in this post have given you that extra boost to get out of your decor rut, then now is the perfect time to switch to more efficient, high-quality, and fashionable patio door coverings. Well, make sure to do some research about which style, design, and material you would like on your patio doors now that you have decided to replace your boring vertical blinds!

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