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Things You Don’t Know About Electric Windows

Electric Windows

Electric window blinds or motorized blinds are hitting the markets now. There is no reason why you should lag behind as updating your house interiors can make your home more comfortable and cozier to stay in. These window blinds can move in concert with your other sub-systems at home such as heating, cooling, lighting and so on. These features make your home ‘smart’ and able to adjust to your needs and daily routine. Furthermore, these window treatments come in handy at commercial spaces, not only because of their ease of accessibility, but they create a trendy and modern impression. It can’t be denied that these motorized window coverings make your lifestyle easier and more convenient.

There is much to learn about the operation of these blinds and how beneficial they are and whether they are actually worth the money that one puts in. It is always a good option to make an informed choice. So, before you decide to install those motorized window blinds in your house and give it the ‘it’ factor, it would be good to take a look at all the interesting things that you might not know about electric window blinds.

1. It adds convenience to your lifestyle
It can’t be denied that automation of your house makes it more convenient and makes it a more accessible space for the elderly and a safer space for children. For those who find physical activity challenging, the constant task of drawing blinds for the entire day and night is more daunting. Not to forget, if you have a big house and a hectic schedule, it is just easier if a machine does the work for you. The luxury of being able to laze around in your bed is just incomplete when you have to be bothered by the sun and have to get up to block it. Your house becomes more in your control.

Motorized Window Blinds

2. They are safer than other window treatments
Electric blinds can be made to move throughout the day, and it gives the illusion of someone being at home throughout. This makes your house less susceptible to burglary and makes it safer. Furthermore, these blinds can even be installed together with security alarms and other gadgets that provide more security to your house when you are not around.
3. They are very effective in saving energy.
As we know window blinds help in conserving energy by providing insulation and trapping heat for the night and preventing it from entering the house during the day. The electric window blinds are more energy efficient because they can automatically open and close according to the sun that is falling on them and conserve more energy. So, be it those dining room windows where the sun stays in for only the first half of the afternoon and you are not around at home to open it during that time, these motorized window treatments might be your best friend. This makes your lifestyle greener and contributes very positively to the environment.

Motorized Cellular Shades

4. They look better than manual window treatments
The remote-controlled shades are available in all designs and patterns and they can be customized too. You can create your own aesthetic or create what suits your requirement without compromising on the technology. Other than this, these blinds do not come with strings or cords. So, it appears to be more elegant and organized than manual window treatments. Furthermore, these window shadings can be synchronized to start and stop in unison and align themselves perfectly with the window. This makes it look cleaner and more elegant.
5. They make you sleep better
It is scientifically proven that sleeping in a completely dark room is healthier for you as it increases the secretion of melatonin. A good, uninterrupted can be aided by these motorized window blinds. Compared to roll-up window blinds, these window blinds can be programmed to open at the time you would want to wake up and the sunlight will wake you up naturally instead of waking up from the nagging sound of your alarm clock.

Motorized Shades for Bedroom

6. Customization is easy
Due to the high demand of these window blinds, they are available in a variety of fabrics. It is just about the choice of applying your choice of material to the available hardware. This way you can maintain the décor of the interiors of your room while enjoying the benefits of automation. Add to this, they can also be cut to fit any window size that you would want to and can be used almost anywhere. The different measuring for blinds is anyway very easy to find these days.
7. They can help reduce noise
The biggest benefit of using these motorized blinds is that they are available in noise dampening materials too. This gives you a better chance at privacy and creating your own personal space. If you live in a house with many people or want more privacy in your private office chamber, the best option is to install noise dampening blinds. A few examples can be, making your own mini theatre, or practicing meditation in peace and so on.
8. They can be battery-powered or plug-in powered
The biggest challenge that one can think of while installing motorized blinds is that of charging them. But even that concern is rendered futile when one gets to know that these blinds can be as easily charged as they can be installed. They can be charged through batteries, electricity or even ACs. There are some limited options available of finding the blinds that can be charged through solar energy as well. All of this makes them highly user-friendly and energy-efficient too.
9. They can be used much beyond just windows
These window coverings come in all shapes and sizes and can be easily used over doors and also for many other purposes. They can be used to partition a room into two and to use as a screen for creating your own theatre. Due to the wide availability of fabrics that they are available in, they can come in a variety of uses and can help your amp up your interior décor in just the right way.

Motorized Skylight Shades

10. You can use your sunroom better

It is quite weird to think about sunroom and window shades at the same time, but in the peak of summer, it becomes necessary to regulate the amount of sun that you want to enjoy in your sunroom. Extreme sunlight makes it uninhabitable; hence window blinds can be the best choice to regulate this. They are more durable and can be used in the exteriors too and can make your patio, porches and corridors more comfortable and cozier.

These are just some of the reason why electric window blinds are a good option for your interiors. These motorized window blinds are available at affordable prices and at lucrative discounts. You can’t have a better shopping experience!

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