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A Guide To City Apartment Window Treatments

The Outdoor Light Blocking Shades

Enjoy The City Life with The Outdoor Light Blocking Shades For Apartments In Cities 


If you own an apartment in a busy city, or you are planning to move to one, you have landed up at the right place. Dressing up your windows is an important part of interior designing and needs a good amount of attention.

There are a number of factors to be considered before selecting the window coverings for your home. Now if you live in the middle of a city, you should be a little more vigilant about how you dress your windows. Usually, the homes in cities are surrounded either by other buildings or a street with a lot of humdrum. In either case, it is not a very good idea to keep your windows bare because well, to a certain extent it leaves your house extremely vulnerable. So, if you are planning to redecorate your apartment which is in the midst of a busy street, consider the following factors before settling for a window covering or a window treatment.


The Outdoor Light Blocking Shades

# Light Control

  • All the rooms in a house have their unique light requirements.
  • Your children’s room and library should be well lit and on the other hand, you need a good darkening window treatment to enjoy a sound sleep in your bedroom. Before making the final decision, observe the amount of light you want in each room and decide accordingly.
  • Hard window treatments and outdoor light blocking shades and blinds like faux wood blinds and wood blinds are opaque enough to block 80% of the light, while softwood treatments like shades are translucent and can provide you a lot of flexibility over light control.

# Privacy Control

  • It is very difficult to preserve privacy in over populated areas and crowded cities
  • Limited space and side by side buildings can give your neighbors a good peek inside your home every now and them
  • To save yourself from this direct threat to privacy, cover your windows in treatments which can offer you a considerable amount of privacy control
  • Go for opaque window coverings like shutters and blinds if your windows directly open to your neighbor’s window or a busy street
  • On the other hand, you can settle for Roller or Roman shades if you live in a high rise building without the nosy neighbors constantly peeping inside

# Noise Pollution

  • If your window faces the hustle bustle of the city during the day, it is advisable to go for a window treatment like cellular shades for noise reduction
  • They can trap the unwanted noise in their thick cells and can reduce the unnecessary hubbub to some extent

# Aesthetic Value

  • This is an inevitable consideration when it comes to dressing up your windows
  • A wrongly chosen window covering can easily kill the look of your interiors
  • On the other hand, if you choose your window treatments wisely, it can help you uplift the overall look of your room within seconds
  • Before picking up your window covering, make sure it gels with the interior of your room because let’s face it, who wants to get embarrassed in front of the guests for something like a window covering?

# Energy Saving

  • Costly cities can dig deep holes in your pockets when it comes to electricity bills
  • If you live in the middle of an exquisite location, it is always recommended to go for a window covering which can provide you a good amount of insulation
  • The Department of Energy, USA believes that the loss and gain of temperature through our windows account for 25-40 % of our annual heating and cooling cost
  • During scorching hours of the day, a bare window can lead to a rise in temperature inside your bedroom up to 20 degrees which can be a trouble for your already struggling air conditions
  • Window treatments like honeycomb shades provide a good amount of insulation and can help you get rid of hiked up electricity bills during extreme temperatures
  • The outdoor light blocking shades can also help your air conditioners and heaters to function during extreme temperatures by snapping the connection between the outside weather and the inside air


Once you have considered all the factors, it will be extremely easy for you to choose a window treatment for your home sweet home.

Fabric Roman Blinds

  • Roman Blinds: These are fabric based window treatments which can give privacy control, light control with a lot of aesthetic value to your windows. Custom Roman Blinds can be tailor-made to suit your interiors, on the other hand, there are different types of roman blinds available in the market. Browse and go through our seamless collection of Roman Blinds to add some beauty to your windows.


Roller Solar Shades


  • Solar Roller Shades: With privacy and light control, solar shades can also block the harmful Ultraviolet radiations from entering your home sweet home. Harsh sunlight can be contributing factor to the early aging and fading of your furniture. Go for exterior window shades with motorized technology and enjoy convenience with utility. For a city apartment, Solar Shades, both inside and outside always top our recommendation list.

  • Blinds With Curtains Decor: Combine your window treatments for impressive results. Pairing up your blinds with curtains and valances can give your interiors a complete look and simultaneously provide you with an extra layer of privacy and light control. Among the best ways to create a bar between the outside and the inside world, pairing up window treatments can also curb the unnecessary hullabaloo coming from the outside. Sheer curtains over wood blinds are among the very common options if you own an apartment in a city. Sheer curtains can help you block the harsh light and allow a very scattered and soft light to enter your apartment. Pairing it with wooden blinds will solve your problem of the scorching sun during the super hot hours of the day.

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