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The Norman Centerpiece Cordless Roman Shades

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A Completely Cord Free Roman Shade with a Stunning Visual Appeal.


If you are looking for a poignant combination of the style and sturdy quality that can last you for years, then Norman Centerpiece Roman Shades is the perfect choice for you. Your beautiful living space dream can be turned into a reality with the unique Roman artistry that is brought to you by Centerpiece Roman Shades.
The mix of cotton or polyester fabrics of the Centerpiece shades adheres to the top-notch quality standards, making them the best available shades for your windows to safeguard your home from unwanted light and heat. In addition, they also keep dust and other pollutants at bay. Moreover, centerpiece shades are environmentally friendly as well. You can safely express your personal style with these versatile shades.

Centerpiece shades are available in Light Filtering, Room Darkening, and Opaque (Blackout) options, making them a perfect choice for your home.


Norman-Roman-Shades -
Norman Center Piece Cordless Roman Shades

Light Filtering

Centerpiece Light Filtering Roman Shades are a wonderful choice for decking up your windows to enhance the ambiance of your living area by illuminating the indoors with diffused light. They are soft, sophisticated and exquisite window treatments with fabrics that are finished and feature high-quality stitching for heavy-duty use for the longer duration. The super fine quality of material used in these shades with the soft folds brings in a congruous feel and look to the shades enhancing the cozy and elegance of your décor considerably. The neat finish of the seams provides a smooth appearance to the overall look and feel of the centerpiece shades. They are perfect for rooms that would require natural daylight.


Room Darkening

Centerpiece Room Darkening shades are available at various levels of translucency depending on the type of lining you choose for the shades. These au courant shades give you the ultimate option of gaining a sufficient amount of privacy for yourself, along with controlling the light as per your needs and requirement. They are ideal for the rooms where neither complete blackout nor daylight is required.


Opaque or Blackout Shades

Opaque or blackout roman shades are best suited for bedrooms, where total darkness is needed for better sleep, and complete privacy is desired for peace of mind. With a blend of fabric content in the ratio of 80% Polyester 20% Cotton, these shades provide maximum light control and privacy.

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The translucent and blackout are the lining options available. The standard lining comes with the shades in white with no additional charge. It recommended that all shades be lined. Also transparent fabric with blackout lining is preferable.

Styles and Colors

Centrepiece Norman Roman Shades are available in a variety of models and colors. They fold into different styles, with different seams, creating a unique pattern.


The Flat Fold without seams has horizontal stiffening rods that run across the back of the shade, ensuring that the shade pulls up into tailored folds when raised. It works well with most fabrics.
Flat Fold with Batten Front and Batten Back are versatile styles that pull up into neat, tailored folds, too. Since horizontal seams are visible, heavily patterned fabrics may not be suitable for the style with Batten.




Soft folds is another style of Centerpiece roman shades which gently cascades from top to bottom, and works well with most fabrics as well.


For aesthetics, these shades are available in a vast array of rich hues from soft to deep tones in fabric collection that offers enviable versatile designs to its customers. Some of the eye-catching colors are Sand, Sedona Sage, Loden Green, Warm White, French Roast, Vanilla, Gingham, Puce, Toast, Seal Brown, Khaki, Navy, and Olive. These awesome colors present you the freedom of being able to coordinate the shades with the rest of the décor and color schemes of your home.





Aerolite Cordless Operating System



One of the most attractive features of the Centerpiece Roman Shade is the Aerolite cordless operating system that gives you the benefit equal to that of motorized shades at quite a low price. With this system, you can easily lower or raise the shade with a built-in, hidden fabric tab.
To lower, gently pull the shade downward and lock it into the place. To raise, gently pull the shade downward and let the shade rise automatically to the position you want and lock. This amazing system comes with an additional lining that provides an extra layer of insulation for your window.
Apart from operating the shades, aerolite allows customers to adjust the shade speed in seconds. To slow down, simply adjust the tension adjustment wheel located on the right side of the shades. With one hand hold the roller tube in place and rotate the adjustment wheel counter-clockwise. Turn the adjustment wheel clockwise so that to increase the speed. That is it! As simple as that.


The excellent feature of the Aerolite operating system eliminates ugly cords apart from increasing child and pet safety in your home. The fabric handle is concealed to give you the best convenience and located conveniently at the back of the shade for everyday operation and is also completely hidden from the view to provide a neat look to the shades. These Aerolite System makes Norman Cordless Roman Shades unique and out performing from other roman shades.



Continuous Loop System

Continuous Cord Loop System comes with safety tension device included along with the Centerpiece Shades, which must be used to ensure product safety. The chain loop is about 3-inch from the bottom of the shade and default control location is on the right side. The change of control position to the left is available free of charge.
With their versatile function and stylish appearance, customers do not have to compromise on either aesthetic appeal or practical function when installing their window treatments. Norman Centerpiece Roman Shades gives you the best of every feature you desire in your window treatment.



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