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The Frills for the Furgal

Hello my avid readers. I have returned with witty tidbits to save you more money. I have returned with Exterior Shades. They are the new game changers to keeping money in your pocket.

We have been warned about the dangers of UV light and the importance of protecting your homes. Just in case you missed that memo, harsh UV rays can fade and damage the inside of your home. Hardwood loses its lustrous polished look, paintings look blander and faded, furniture such as that beloved leather lazy boy looses that beautiful sheen and slowly begins to fall apart.

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Now that you have been thoroughly warned, you should also know the perfect shields for your home. External shades  are great ways to protect your home from the damages of UV. These window treatments are made to be in the harsh glare of the sun and have extra coatings to protect them. So save yourself the money you’d spend on new floor treatments, painting, furniture polish, and couches.

External window treatments also help save you money on your costly energy bills. In the summer, these shades keep the hot burning glare of the sun out and help keep your house cool. Your AC will not have to work soo hard to keep the house at that perfectly relaxing and cool temperature. In the winter, these window treatments help keep your house nice and toasty. They are the perfect barriers to keep your heating inside the house, instead of leaking out to warm your garden gnomes while leaving you extra frosty.

Get yourself this perfect protection that will not only add to the aesthetics of your home but keep the frugal you happy. has awesome deals for external window treatments. They offer prices as low as $70.00 for exterior solar shades. The frugal you should be jumping in ecstatic happiness and running to your computer. You will not save more money in the long term anywhere else but here with

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