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The Elegant and Sophisticated Shangri-La Sheer Shades

Add Unique Charm to Your Home Décor

The beautiful Shangri-La Sheer Shades stand out among window treatments with their distinctive appearance and function. Shangri-La shades have fabric, light diffusing vanes and double sheer fabrics that blend to create a unique visual experience. The horizontal fabric vanes float between two layers of soft, knitted sheer fabrics creating a masterpiece of a window treatment. Shangri-La shades are handcrafted entirely from stain resistant fabric, which take these shades visual appeal up to a new level.
Shangri-La sheer shades take the best from different window treatments to give customers unparalleled excellence both in terms of aesthetic appeal and practical function. With the installation of Shangri-La shades, you can protect your rooms from the harsh and bright rays of the sun, creating a soothing and calm ambience. These shades come with a broad range of colors, and the head rail has a premium quality with excellent color coordination.


Let us check out the different types of Shangri-La sheer shades that are popular with customers.

Door Styles Room Darkening Sheer Shades

If you are struggling to find the right window treatment for your French doors, look no further. Shangri-La  Door styles Room Darkening Sheer Shades are a perfect choice for the French doors in your home. These perfect shades cover French doors, transoms and sidelights without a bulky head rail. The Shangri-La Sheer Door styles Room Darkening Shades can be tilt opened or closed with the help of a handle. To meet the specific preference of their customers, these shades are available in the different vane sizes of 2” and 3”. Keeping harmful UV rays at bay has never been easier. Moreover, Shangri-La shades are safe for homes with children and pets since they a cord tensioner that ensures there are no dangling cords.

If you want to control the natural light or the UV rays from entering your room just close the vanes or leave them open them partially. They are available in a wide spectrum of colors including Black, Golden Rod, Cocoa bean, Cloud White, Horizon and Starlight, which will either blend in or complement any home decor. When the shade fabric is flattened, allowing the horizontal vanes to lay flat, a room darkening effect is created which provides privacy and protects the indoors from harsh sunlight. It also prevents any damage that can be caused when furniture is exposed to direct sunlight.
When the vanes are left open, it allows diffused light to stream in which creates a soft glowing ambience in your rooms. Door style Shangri-La shades attach to the window frame or door with silver hinges and can be tilted open and closed. However, these shades cannot be raised or lowered. A silver operating handle allows the fabric to tilted open and closed.
The Shangri-La shades also have the highest UV protection rating and the fabric used is flame resistant, thereby, making these shades very safe for domestic use. If you prefer light option over room darkening, then opt for Shangri-La Door Styles Light Filtering Sheer Shades, which illuminates your home while keeping a check on UV rays and direct sunlight.



Shangri-La Sheer Shades Light Filtering

Installation of Shangri-La light filtering sheer shades allows you to let the exact amount of sunlight into your room to make it comfortable and cozy. With these shades, you will gain perfect control over the light entering through your windows. You can illuminate your home as much you want when they are opened, or the vanes tilted at particular angles. On the other hand, there will be no light penetrating your rooms when the vanes are completely closed. You can even raise them while they are in their open position- a technology that is unique to Shangri-La Sheer Shades. You will have a complete view when the shades are stacked up.

These shades are available in multiple colors that can enhance the visual appeal of your home. Customers can enjoy the luxury of sleek aluminum head rail that can be customized as per their liking. For further convenience and ease of use, motorization of the shades is also available which allows opening or closing of the vanes by pressing a button. The 2” fabrics of these shades also come with a motorized or color coordinated head rail that makes these shades look ultra-beautiful. The facilities of both inside mount and outside mount are available with these shades. The size of the vanes can be opted for as per your choice and need at the time of placing the order. For more light control, customers can choose Shangri-La Room Darkening Sheer Shades, which with the vanes closed, can block the view from outside while at the same time reducing the illumination inside the rooms substantially.

Shangri-La shades are beneficial both during summer and winters. During summer, they vastly reduce the solar gain even when the vanes are open, as the material reflects the sun’s rays back outside, cooling interiors optimally. On the other hand, during winter, these shades provide adequate R1 insulation, allowing for solar gain during the day, and insulates when closed completely at night.
Install the unique Shangri-La shade to enjoy a visual experience par excellence that is created by the soft, light diffusing vane and double sheer fabrics combining to establish a superior effect.




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