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The Difference That Shutters Can Make


In the world of window coverings, there are a lot of options to choose from. From cellular shades that provide added insulation to solar shades that reduce sunlight and glare while retaining visibility, the designs, styles, patterns and types are many. Each product comes with its own advantages and disadvantages and it is good to have a broad overview of the options available to you, so that your shopping is informed, and you optimize the benefits that can be made available to you.

Window coverings serve a lot of purposes, such as providing privacy, acting as an insulator, and giving a certain appearance to your room or office. They also protect your interiors and it wouldn’t be too much to say that they help form the heart and soul of interior decorations. It is blinds and shades that set the tone of the room and add to the volume and depth of your home decor. These window shadings are also a source of comfortable living; hence it is important to make the correct decision when it comes to choosing for these.

Among the many types of window treatments available, in this blog, we will be taking a deeper look at shutters. Shutters are built in a frame and have horizontal slats arranged within the frame that can be lowered or raised in their position to open and close them. Shutters are generally made up of a material called fake wood or faux wood which is MDF wrapped in vinyl or a PVC coating. This material makes shutters very hard and durable and they are able to withstand strong winds and rain. Depending on the style of its application, shutters are of two types – (i) inside mount shutters which are installed on the inside of a house and within the walls of the window opening and (ii) outside mount shutters which are installed on the outside of the house and beyond the window frame.

Shutters add a lot to your house but also have unique features that may be what you are looking for. So, before you make your decision about which window treatment to use, take a look at the benefits that installing window shutters might bring to your house.

• They provide heat and sound insulation
It is known that almost all window treatments provide some kind of insulation or the other. Window coverings trap the air between it and the window and this layer of air acts as a coating around the house and does not allow heat to escape easily and nor allows the house to gain heat easily. This feature of window shades brings down the energy consumption of temperature regulating devices and window shadings are considered to be naturally an eco-friendly product. The shutters, however, have a higher R-value (the scale used for the measurement of this insulation) because of the material they are made from. This material is also a major deterrent to the sound from outside that may be disturbing the peace of your house. They are great at noise cancellation and can minimize them to a large extent. So, the next time you make plans to watch a movie at your house, these shutters might come in handy. This dual value that shutters add to your house makes them a very popular choice among customers.
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• The maintenance required is very low
Other window coverings such as curtains and drapes or any that is made from a fabric attract dust and are not very easily cleaned. Proper cleaning requires complete removal and reinstallation to make it effective. Shutters are made from vinyl-like material that can be easily cleaned with a wet cloth. They don’t require much maintenance other than a wipe down. Even renewing these products are very easy. All you have to do is add an extra layer of paint and they would be as good as a new one. This makes it long-lasting also, as the fresh layer of paint only increases the life of the shutter and makes them more durable and firmer. This also makes shutters very cost-effective for it does not require frequent changing and once installed, can last for years. SO, if you are looking for a one-time investment that will serve your purpose without much hassle, these shutters should be your go-to product.
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• Give more privacy
Almost all window shades provide some privacy, but shutters are better at it. There are many reasons for it. Firstly, shutters cover the entire window frame and leave little scope for the window covering to move. Shutters also have horizontal slats that can be tilted up or down. This allows the light to filter in when raised but allows for little scope for visibility. So, for the lazy mornings when you want your room to be lit but don’t want to be a spectacle for prying neighbors, these shutters will serve the best purpose. This is what makes them a preferable choice for bedrooms and rooms where one sleeps in.
• They add to the value of your house
Once installed, shutters are seen as permanent fixtures to the house and add to the value of it. Even if it is installed from outside or inside, they are seen as an addition to the house rather than an accessory and this ups the stakes of your house in the market. So, if you are looking to sell your house, these shutters can make a difference for they will be seen as an asset. If the buyer doesn’t want them, they are easy to remove too.
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• Provides protection from UV rays
The shutters have slats that can be raised and lowered to control the amount of sunlight that enters a room. These slats can be adjusted accordingly to regulate the amount of sunlight that enters your house. In this way, you can control the harmful rays that come along with the sunlight and protect your interiors from damage from the sun. The protection from UV rays is a beneficial feature if you have a house with kids, for they are more susceptible to the harmful rays of the sun.

A very popular trend is to install shutters with curtains. This gives one the best of both worlds because the curtains and drapes add to the aesthetic appeal of the room and both of them go really well together, especially in the rooms on the ground floor. Shutters can be put up with tiebacks to hold the drapes together and it gives the correct setting for a very sleek and elegant looking living room or window.
So, before you make your purchase, keep in mind these benefits of shutters and even though they may be a more expensive choice, they are a permanent fixture and act as more than just regular window treatments for your home.