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The Difference between Valances and Cornices

Things Which Make Difference between Valances and Cornices

If you love to play a game of cards, I am sure you would not call your spade a heart. Though they both are cards with similar patterns, you know how big a difference it would make for the game if you failed to distinguish between them. That should be a good clue for you to start distinguishing between the right terms for your window treatments. It is always a delight for me to work with customers who know their terms, requirements and window treatments well.

Earlier I wrote about how my customers sometimes fail to differentiate between Blinds and Shutters and Blinds and Shades in my previous blogs. In the same vein, here’s another difference – parts of window covering that make a huge difference in its aesthetic appeal – Cornices and Valances. There is nothing that would make your windows look more extraordinary and awesomely handsome than the exquisitely designed wooden cornices or graceful valances decorating them. These custom accessories make your windows look exceptionally beautiful along with the equally impressive and matching window treatments.

Custom Wood Valances and Cornices

An extensive collection of custom wood valances that are made of premium quality wood provides exquisite artistry in the contemporary window treatment market today, to meet interior decor needs. It is a delight for me to include the detailed craftsmanship involved in the making of these custom valances which makes the job of interior decorator so much easier. Beautification of the windows and the interiors of your home are very much possible with the help of the Custom Wood Valances even without my services.

The smooth stained finish and the supple painted appearance of cornices give them a visually appealing look. In a product like the 7 ½ inch Graber Noble Wood Cornice, the natural richness of wood is apparent, and it ensures that the windows of your home will attract attention with élan. The 7½ inch size of the wood cornice makes them an ideal choice for large and wide windows. In addition, the option of returns with the outside mount variant of this cornice makes it very feasible to be installed with draperies and other window coverings.

How Wood Cornices are Different From Valances

Like many home decor terms, my customers use the words “cornice” and “valance” interchangeably often enough. Though both are window treatment accessories that cover the top portion of a window, a cornice is generally made from firm/solid material like wood which is further painted or covered with coordinating fabrics or trims to match the window treatments. Typically, the fabric is stretched and hand-stapled to a box made of wood that is then attached to your wall above the window. Dimension is provided by the padding that is placed between the solid surface and the fabric. Cornices are used to disguise curtain rods and other window treatment hardware that can give an untidy appearance to the window. They add beauty to drapery and blinds; hence they are often placed along with them.

A valance, on the other hand, is a short curtain or drape that covers the top portion of a window, giving it an elaborate classic appearance. Derived from the French word ‘Avaler’ meaning to descend, valances are used on their own for a sassy, casual look, or paired with window treatments like drapery, blinds, and shades. Valances are made of fabric matching the fabric of window treatments when paired with drapery or shades. It is often installed on drapery rods, decorative medallions, or attached to a hidden board over the window. They are available in various styles that range from pleats, balloons, jabot, swoops, swags, to loosely draped valances that can adapt to any decorating style of your interior decor. The lining under the valances provides body besides protecting the back of the fabric from fading and shredding. Valances can improve the look of blinds by hiding the hardware besides softening its hard lines with the flow of the fabric. Since most of the blinds come in neutral color, valances add a splash of color to the window treatment. The wide range of colors choices helps me in coordinating the overall look of the homes I decorate in accordance with the existing color scheme of the particular interiors.

Now you may wonder, what are wood valances if I say they are typically made of fabric and how do wood valances differ from cornice? Now wood valances vary from cornices since they are covered with wood on top as well, unlike the wood cornices that are often painted or covered in fabrics. They also differ from cornices in style and size. Wood valances are often custom made for wood blinds so that they can complement each other with their unique and natural wood grain patterns. The distinctive looks and detailed artistry make a wood valance unique and attractive especially if it is combined with blinds that will match with its style. When cornices are made of the wood to show, they generally feature variously applied trims, crown molding, and other decorative details.

The overall look you can achieve by furnishing your windows with the beautifully designed wood cornices and valances is absolutely stunning. Often, I am given credit for gorgeous look obtained for the windows and the interiors of homes that was quite easy with spectacular wood valances or cornices. I feel I am just doing my job that needs no special praise for me. As Saint Augustine said, “In doing what we ought we deserve no praise because it is our duty”. Making your home beautiful and aesthetically appealing is my duty.


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