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The Cascading Beauty of Kinsale Roman Shades

Stepping Out Of My Comfort Zone.

“There are few sights more pleasant to the eye than a wide cotton field when it is in bloom. It presents an appearance of purity, like an immaculate expanse of light, new-fallen snow.” Solomon Northup

Cotton fabric has a warm and soft presence about it which like the cotton field in full bloom has an appearance of purity, like the immaculate expanse of light or newly fallen snow. Nothing is perfect in our world, but cotton fabrics come very close to being perfect when it comes to comfort for me. There is a reason cotton is the most preferred material in USA.

Through years, my experience made me highly partial to cotton, so much that even when opting for window treatment, I wanted something in pure cotton. I opted for drapery made of cotton. Unfortunately, I discovered that cotton is not the best option for window treatments, at least not from some unknown brand that does not give you a warranty on their products.

The drapes bled heavily, quickly losing its visual appeal; they were not wrinkle resistant, they faded easily in sunlight showing ugly streaks, and they shrank after the first wash. Since I do not wear the window dressing over my skin, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and find a window dressing that is durable and easy to maintain.

When shopping for the perfect window treatments for my home, I was bombarded with numerous choices in the form of products, materials, and colors. It was tough to make my choice. Confused and awed, I couldn’t even make up my mind whether to opt for blinds or shades.

Luckily, when surfing through Zebrablinds, I came across Kinsale Roman Shades from Crown, which gave the impression of being the ideal shade for my home. These Shades were made of 100% polyester fabric that was backed with white acrylic foam, ruling out any need for additional lining. In addition, these thermal lined roman shades were the perfect combination of look and feel, with the touch of artistic elegance. The light filtering feature along with privacy control made them the perfect choice for my home, especially my spacious living room. I wanted blackout shades for my bedroom. Though Kinsale was not a complete blackout shade, it provided enough room darkening for my comfort.

These self-lined thermal roman shades were breathtakingly beautiful, made with elegant fabric that cascades from the headrail with flat, understated folds. They were good enough to provide me safety from the summer heat, and later they could protect my home from the winter. Looking sturdy and durable, these basic insulated roman shades were made of quality materials and superior workmanship, yet they were available at a very affordable price.

There was no dearth of color options since Kinsale Roman Shades were available in Burgundy, Camel, Chocolate, Cream, Hunter, Light Blue, Moss, Navy, White and many other hues that would coordinate very well with the decor of my home.

The shades are tailored with pleats on the front of the shades, giving it a very stylish and sophisticated look. Since they were available in range of minimum and maximum width and height of around 12 inch and 96 inch respectively, they were ideal to be installed on the large and medium sized windows my home, creating balance and uniformity. It included brackets for easy installation. Since the color-coordinated cord, cord lock mechanism, and head-rail are all concealed neatly behind the shade, it conveniently eliminated the need of a valance, creating an organized appearance. Installing this product is a simple and painless process. I was just a few steps away from making my windows look absolutely gorgeous. With the summer approaching fast, I got cracking and had them on my windows in no time at all.

The durable and stain resistant fabric of Roman Shades is wrinkle resistant and quite easy to clean. All I had to do was dust them regularly with a feather duster, and for more thorough cleaning I can vacuum the shades with a soft bristle attachment or a hand-held mini vacuum. Spot cleaning and soil removal is also safe for stains.

The product came with a one-year limited manufacturer warranty, which meant that this product is warranted against original defects in materials or workmanship as long as the original purchaser owns the product.

Now that they decorate my windows, I find the insulation of Kinsale Roman Shades is amazing. They ensure a cozy and comfortable atmosphere inside my rooms, blocking the outdoor noise and heat efficiently. I chose a different level of light and privacy control for my rooms by selecting the different fabric options for different rooms. The sheer fabrics gave me a significant amount of diffused light with sustainable privacy that I opted for my drawing and living rooms; the blackout fabrics ensure maximum privacy with minimum light filtering through, so they went on my bedroom windows. I am happy that I have made a choice of window treatment that enhance the beauty of my decor and are also effective in their functions. It is sometimes worth to step out of your comfort zone to try out different options. You may love it!

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