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The Best Brands for Window Treatments: A Look at Graber

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A brand name is an identifying mark for the products manufactured by a particular company. It goes beyond just a word – it’s a signifier of reputation and quality. By treating the customers right, word of mouth can carry and build a strong foundation for a brand. From beauty, comfort, and convenience, to durability and efficiency, there are many major factors to consider while choosing window treatments for your home. One among them is the brand.

In the world of window treatments, Graber has made a strong claim. They have many satisfied customers and provide excellent quality and support.

A little bit about Graber

Graber was started in 1939, in Middleton, Wisconsin. Graber is part of the Springs Window Fashions family of companies, which is the second-largest global manufacturer and distributor of window coverings including drapery hardware. Graber has shown a significant impact on the market by elevating standards for consumers, and also for the industry with quality materials and craftsmanship. Now Graber is a master in combining sophisticated style, energy efficiency, quality, and creative design to create excellent window treatments.

The brand identity of Graber represents the company’s values, services, ideas, and personality. It has also generated loyalty from its clients and made the customers happy and satisfied with their products.

Why choose Graber products?

Graber products are an important component of green living. Natural shades from Graber are made up of renewable materials like bamboo, jute, and grasses. Graber window treatments use GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certified elements, which contain low chemical and particle emissions. Their products are manufactured using sustainable methods with the aim of a greener future.

Graber provides energy efficient window treatments. Graber window coverings control the sun’s rays to regulate temperature and create better, more energy-efficient homes. Graber cellular shades provide an extra layer of insulation, keeping heat and cold from penetrating windows, conserving energy year-round.

Graber Blinds

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Graber offers aluminum blinds, mini and micro-mini blinds, and also faux wood blinds. Every blind from Graber is warp-resistant. They design the blinds to be durable, even in high-humidity places like the bathroom. The blinds by Graber are designed to endure, even with exposure to sunlight. Graber also produces real wood blinds made to be energy-efficient with the beautiful, natural look that real wood offers.

Graber Cellular Shades

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Graber’s CrystalPleat cellular shades promote energy efficiency by insulating the windows that bring in outside heat or cold. Light-filtering cellular shades let in light while offering privacy. These shades keep children and pets safe with their cordless features.

Graber Blackout Shades

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For someone who loves darkness, blackout shades are a perfect choice. If you’d like to design a media room or need to block out all light, blackout shades from Graber will give you your desired ambiance. If you live in places like Toronto, Vancouver, or any city with lots of light, Graber’s quality blackout shades can definitely help you get a good night’s sleep. If you are someone who works all the night and thirst for a sound sleep during the daytime, you’ll be able to make your room dark and snug whenever you need it. Graber offers motorization for its window treatments and blackout shades, so you can even enjoy the luxury of hands-free operation for more convenience.

Sliding Panels by Graber

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Sliding panels are a popular trending option for large windows and sliding glass doors. As an alternative choice to vertical blinds, Graber makes sliding panels in a large variety of styles, colors, and materials. Graber’s sliding panels are perfect for larger windows and patio doors.

Beautiful Drapery by Graber

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You can decorate any room in a modern way, but nothing has the charm of a beautiful set of curtains. Adding drapery treatments is commonly the final step in completing the design of a room. Graber’s drapery window treatments bring so much beauty and balance to your home. In a variety of styles and patterns, these can be used alone or with other window treatments to create stunning looks.

Graber Shutters

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Shutters are one option that adds an attractive look to your windows. With the composite and wood shutters from Graber, you can create either a traditional or a thoroughly modern look. These shutters are designed by using the best materials and the best possible designs. There are a lot of options and colors too that helps you to create the ambiance you want to create.
We at feel proud to bring the beauty of Graber window treatments to your home. With a large selection of products and free samples, we offer free shipping too. It’s never too late to get beautiful window treatments at home and enjoy the extraordinary quality of a national brand leader.