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The Advantage of Using Light Roman Shades for Windows

Protect your Skin from UV Rays.

It’s perhaps human nature to be contrary. We try to be perfect when we were made to be imperfect.  People are never just happy with themselves –f you’re short, you wish you were taller; if you have curly hair, you wish you had straight hair; if you’re thin, you want to be more rounded; if you’re a girl or you want to be more muscular if you’re a boy; if you have light eyes, you wear lenses to make them look darker; if you’re going bald, you want hair transplants – there’s just no pleasing us, is there? I guess we wouldn’t have much progress if we were satisfied with our lot in life! But there are always those who push beyond the desirable limits. People tend to take things too far in the desire to be perfect, in the desire to fix the thing we think is wrong with us. Beautiful people starve themselves to fit the media idea of beauty. People with dark skin bleach to lighten it, while people with light skin tan to darken it. People willingly expose themselves to dangerous diseases and conditions in attempts to be perfect.

One of the common things most people do is tanning. People lie out in the noon sun on a beach, or go to tanning salons. They wear bronzers and avoid the sunscreen lotion to attain that “perfect” golden toned skin. The thing we ignore is that the doing this also exposes the skin to high concentrations of U.V light, which in turn is the leading cause for Melanoma. Basically, we try to achieve our concept of perfection by literally destroying our skin and risking  death.  According to the Mayo Clinic, “Melanoma is a form of skin cancer that begins in the cells (melanocytes) that control the pigment in your skin.” This illustration below shows melanoma cells extending from the surface of the skin into the deeper skin layers. Melanin is the pigment that gives skin its color. The lighter skinned you are the less the melanin in your skin; though melanoma can occur in all races, research has proved that Caucasians or light skinned folks are more likely to develoMelanoma p it than any other, and though the exact causes aren’t clear, exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation from sunlight or tanning lamps and beds increases the risk of developing melanoma. Limiting your exposure to UV radiation can help reduce your risk of melanoma.

This means you don’t have to be on a beach, directly exposed to sunlight. You could be inside your house, sitting in front of an east or west oriented window, drinking coffee and reading a book; this could increase the risk of one getting skin cancer. And more so for those living close to the earth’s equator and high elevations, where you’re exposed to higher levels of UV radiation. And sadly, it’s the cause of a friend recently being afflicted with melanoma; on the positive side, it was caught right at the beginning, so the chances of her beating it are superb. Living on Damnificare in Boca Grande, Florida is an idyll. Both fleeing an empty nest, Charry and Dominic moved to Boca Grande to escape the bone-chilling cold they experienced living in Boston, New England. Defying the cliché of the regular Florida beach towns, they settled on Boca Grande for its scenic quietude. Close enough to the beach, the walk down at dusk to experience the breakers was always a pleasure! What was most probably her undoing was that they decided to leave their expansive windows uncovered. Only the bedroom windows sported some light drapes for the obvious requirements of privacy. The passionate artist that she is, she always finds her way to a bare window to indulge in her passion, no matter how intense the sun.

The Decorative Functionality of Roman Shades.

Having been diagnosed with cancer and educating themselves about melanoma had them changing their minds without persuasion. They did some mighty research that had them thinking and analyzing the various options that they’d happened across. They kept going back to the beautiful Roman Shades as they were certainly more functional than were the regular drapes, allowing them a safe departure from the conventional yet retaining the splendor of fabric. These Shades are planes of fabric suspended from a neat head rail atop a window or door, affixed with reapers or thin rods at regular intervals across the back of the fabric, manipulated by a cord to raise it over a window, so that when pulled up, it folds into neat creases or pleats on its way up. Roman shades patterns are available in styles like the Flat Roman, the Looped Roman, the Balloon Roman and the Relaxed roman shades.

Having decided on a very simple and casual lifestyle to live out the rest of their years, they felt the Relaxed Roman Style suited their needs and decor to a ‘T’. They decided on something called the Artisan Blue Roman Shades, beautifully handcrafted by a company called Graber. They could be customized to fit their expansive windows seamlessly. They chose the motorized version so that they could program it to block the sun when it was at its most harmful. They also decided on a pearly light filtering fabric, with a peach border that really picked up the appeal of their interiors, so that even when the shades were lowered over the windows completely, they’d have a muted view of the exteriors while flooding the interiors with filtered light that is rendered harmless – practically no UV rays top wreak havoc with the skin or their precious artwork and beautiful wooden floor.

A fantastic choice! Left to me, I’d have made the same decision! Wishing the couple a carefree recovery from the scrooge that is melanoma!

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