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The 5 Best Selling Shades From

The 5 Best Selling Shades from

The window treatment market is always subject to a little bit of evolution and innovation. This is primarily attributed to the fact that change in window treatments is contingent on the change in designs and look of homes itself. Moreover, the incorporation of technology and the capitalization on home décor trends also help any provider of window treatments.

Zebra Blinds is no exception to this trend as it leaves no stone unturned to actively collaborate with some of the industry’s top manufacturers and facilitators of window treatments to ensure you can get the most out of your shopping experience. The products range from traditional window treatments like roman shades and extremely modern and innovative designs like motorized shutters. This article will look into 5 of the best-selling shades from so that you can get a sense of the benefits of these shades and why they can be a good candidate to partner up with the windows at your home too.

The Best Sellers

1. Zebra Sheer Shades

Zebra Sheer Shades are quite unique in their design and functionality. They are fashioned out of fabric that help in filtering out the sunlight that enters your rooms. While natural light is a good source of Vitamin D and is a natural source of illumination, it is only beneficial when it is in moderation. Excess sunlight can cause glares and also increase the room temperature of a home, making it very uncomfortable and not energy-efficient. The overexposure of your furniture to sunlight can lead to its deterioration in quality.


The Zebra Sheers Shades have the ability to filter light out which means that you can get the benefits of natural light without having to deal with it in excess. Your movie-watching or gaming experiences are enhanced due to the lack of glare on your screens. Moreover, the overall comfort level is uplifted with the help of a calm ambience set up by these sheer shades.

2. Z-wave Smart Home Shades

Smart shades are equipped with voice control. Examples of the most well-known voice command assistants include Amazon’s Alexa and Echo, Google Home and Google Assistant as well. In order to integrate your voice assistant to your smart shades, you will need a z-wave hub that acts as a central node between the smart devices and the voice assistant.

This is where Zebra’s Z-wave Smart Home Shades come in. Most smart shades have z-wave hubs that are compatible with a few voice assistants. However, Zebra’s Z-wave smart home shades are compatible with Samsung’s SmartThings, Habitat Elevation, Home seer, Vera, Wink, Nexia, Home assistant with a z-wave module and others. Smart shades enable you to operate your shades from your smartphone. This means that you don’t have to reach out or use a step ladder for certain windows that are difficult to reach. They save you some time and energy. Furthermore, they enhance your security system and also make it safer for kids and pets as they eliminate the need for a control mechanism with cords. Make sure to check out the Virtual Cord Z-Wave Light Weaves Blackout Roller Shades and the Virtual Cord Z-Wave Light Weaves Graber Roller Shades.

3. Real Wooden Shades

Real wooden shades have become quite desirable over the years because of their sophisticated look. Despite the fact that they are traditional in design, the natural elegance and semi-primitive vibe they bring is very interesting.

But it is not just the aesthetic value of these shades that account for its demand, but rather an interesting combination of its benefits. They have a good command over light control and privacy that can be used for almost any room. Unlike faux wooden blinds, these blinds are made out of real wood, which means they are quite eco- friendly and are renewable in nature, ensuring that your home is an eco-friendly one (this is not to say that faux wood blinds are not recyclable).

4. Zebra’s Motorised Cellular Shades

Zebra’s top motorised cellular shades come from Crown Premium and Crystal Pleat, with unique designs. Cellular shades offer great light control and privacy. However, their biggest benefit lies in their insulation capabilities. Window panes are extremely poor insulators of heat. This means that it is easier for warm air to enter your home through window panes and neutralise the room temperature. The reverse is equally possible during the winters.

Cellular shades are perfect solutions to all your problems. The fabric creates pockets that trap the air coming from outside. These shades come in single-celled and double-celled designs. You can choose one of the two depending on the level of insulation you need. These shades are extremely energy efficient as they reduce the constant usage of your air conditioners and heaters. The fact that they are also motorised makes them user-friendly and convenient to use.

5. Roller-Solar Shades

Roller-Solar shades are extremely useful window treatments for any home. They incorporate a traditional design of conventional roller shades that can be operated easily, with a roller mounted on top at the head rail. With ease of control, you also get great privacy and light filtering options.

The solar component of these roller shades is what makes them unique. They can protect the interiors of a home and its occupants from glare, harsh sunlight and UV rays as well. If you want to completely darken your room with roller shades you can choose one with blackout fabric as well. This is especially recommended for bedrooms, nurseries and dens.

The next step

Now that you have a general understanding of some of Zebra Blinds’ best sellers and why they have been given such a status, it might make decision-making easier for you as well. You can choose to use any of the aforementioned shades or something similar within the ZebraBlinds catalogue using these best sellers as a point of reference.

Choosing your window treatment is contingent on your personal preference, budget, requirements (insulation, aesthetic value, etc) and what can suit the décor of your home. You can even check out the budget-friendly options if required. All designs of ZebraBlinds factor in the needs of the consumers and strives to deliver the best output possible.