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How To Take Your Home Automation To The Next Level

Smart Motorized Blinds

Welcome to the Future

According to Zion Market Research, it has been predicted that by the year 2022, the global market for smart technology will have a value of $53 billion and more. These smart home devices can be anything from intelligent dryers to fridges, to safety and security devices like monitoring apps, camera apps, home surveillance, etc.

Whenever the term home automation comes to mind, the imagery conjured up is that of a futuristic kind of lifestyle. This type of technology is relatively recent in the industry, but one cannot ignore the significant benefits of installing such a system in your home: security, convenience, and relaxation all available at the same time and at the tip of your fingers.

The Meaning of a Smart Home

Intelligent technology that syncs multiple devices in your home as per the given responses is called an automated home system. It can only function on smartphone apps and internet routers that are wireless. Based on a specific input or instruction, smart devices are activated to do specific tasks.

While you can instruct the voice-activated home system to play soothing music in the evenings or recite recipes for grilled chicken, these smart home devices are not all fun and games. When you are out with your family, this intelligent device also maintains the security of your home, ensuring that everything is safe and sound. NetGearArlo Q is one such smart home device.

Here are some examples:

• A thermostat operates according to when you are home. For instance, Ecobee3 Thermostat
• A motion detector senses when someone is at your door, and you get a call from your phone
• Your healthy eating is scheduled and maintained by a smart fridge
• A monitoring device located in your garage monitors the overall energy consumption of your house. For example, a CURB energy monitor
• A wireless speaker system that plays music anywhere inside the home. For instance, Sonos Compact Wireless speaker systems
• The intelligent lighting system that changes the mood and intensity of your indoor lights. For example, Phillips Hue light bulbs
• Protect your nursery’s environment by controlling the humidifier. Turn it off and on with your phone. For example, WeMo Mini Smart Plug

Automated Indoor Lifestyle

Many homes today are opting for an automated indoor lifestyle. Whether you require cleaning bots to take care of your mess or you need ambient music while you dine with your family, everything can be controlled with the touch of the master touchscreen or a button of a remote.

Controlled lighting, regulated temperatures, automated window coverings, and integrated media systems; all these things are part and parcel of what’s it like to live with smart home devices. It is all about acquiring an ideal life that is filled with convenience and comfort.

Intelligent Indoor Shades

When looking at automated window dressings, you can check out Graber. They have partnered with Somfy® to provide the best in smart indoor shading systems. They are the pioneers in this field, and it is ideal for those who aspire for a lifestyle that is tech oriented. But you also have to keep in mind that while you get a tranquil and relaxing lifestyle living in a smart home, there are some pros and cons to mull over.

Motorized Roller Shades

• Convenient as everything is taken care of
• Family is safe and secure via home security systems
• User-friendly usage of smart home system

• Setting up an automated home system is costly
• Planning and powering your smart devices can be a complicated process

Speak Your Mind

Voice assistants like Amazon’s Alexa, Google assistant, and Apple’s Siri help homeowners manage their smart window treatments with voice-activated commands like “Hey Google/Alexa, raise the blinds.” So, all you have to do is speak your mind and get tasks done, all in the comfort of your interior spaces.

Smart Cellular Shades

Controlling your smart home devices through voice commands can bring you a lot of benefits. Like saving on costs, scheduled exterior lighting can help you save on bills. Access your window coverings wherever and whenever you want. You can also achieve an efficient domestic lifestyle, all thanks to your smart home devices.

Smart Motorized Blinds, when activated with the help of an app on a smartphone, or using a remote control, can minimize the amount of energy consumption in your home. You can easily prevent the loss of warmth in your hearth and reduce the amount of heat leaving your interiors during the winter.

With z-wave technology integrated into your smart hub at home, you can have access to super easy window shade scheduling and convenience on the go.

Smart Roman Window Shades

Living Life Like the Jetsons

According to Cisco, by the year 2021, 46% of M2M connections will be represented by connective home applications. For example, home security surveillance, tracking apps, and home automation. What was earlier considered a break-the-bank method of automating your home, is now within budget as more devices get smarter by the minute. This includes inexpensive solutions like intelligent lighting, switches, and thermostats.

The integration of technologies like AI and IOT in-home automated systems enables you to transform the way you and your family live comfortably. Imagine coming back home in your car, and you are nearing the bend to your driveway.

Your intelligent home system will unlock the door, switch on the lights to the preferred hue, start up the coffee machine and even play some ambient music, while you relax after a hard day’s work. All this is possible when you speak up or push a button at the specific time that you choose, or even triggered by the phone detecting that you arrived home through GPS.

Limelight on Design

Nowadays, the popular demand for these devices comes with an additional need. The need for style and design. A prediction has been made in this regard that the focus will be on ergonomically designed smart devices. You can expect touchscreens on devices to be more stylish and more chic, and the controls on smart devices to be more attractive. Moreover, they will be more home renovating options for new technology without compromising on trendy design.

Smart Natural Shades

Smart Living Equals Healthy Living

Home automated systems will become central to our own wellbeing. Sleep monitoring at home will be possible. The activity of disabled people or the elderly can be tracked. Smart systems can carry out regular tasks to ease our daily routine. Mood enhancers and ambient music can be controlled indoors to relieve stress. All these intelligent technologies will lead to a healthy lifestyle.

A Smart, Secure Home

Currently, there are already intelligent home security system features like smart locks, cameras, and intelligent sensors present in the market. There is an expectation of more devices like these in 2019, combining more information with intelligence. These devices will sense unusual activity. Home monitoring will be easily conducted. Weather reports and data monitoring will be readily available in your home. An overall analysis will be made over time and will be made known to you.

Now that you know a bit more about what smart home devices can do for you, it’s time to embrace the future. The era of automated indoor living is here. Get on board!