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Can You See Through Blinds During The Day?

Can You See Through Blinds During Day

Window shades and blinds comprise of an important part of home décor. They serve a lot of purposes ranging from privacy, to temperature regulation, to light control and even for the purpose of the aesthetic it adds to the room. However, the use of these window blinds is often complicated. They need to be opened and closed and different hours…

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3 Alternatives to Top Down Bottom Up Blinds

3 Alternatives To Top Down Bottom Up Blinds

What are Top-Down-Bottom-Up? Ever had trouble adjusting the amount of sunlight that enters your space? Looking for cool new ways to bring in some unique style to your window space in the hall or guestroom? That’s when people opt for top-down-bottom-up window blinds. These are blinds that can open simultaneously from the top and the bottom. Depending on your needs,…

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Affordable Sheer Roller Blinds

Cheap Sheer Roller Blinds

Lighting can mold the ambiance for space. While dull lighting is preferred for movie nights, bright lighting helps elate the mood for dinner parties and other soirees. In the evenings, light can fill any space with a click of a button, but during day times sunlight is the best source of light. Window blinds and shades play an essential role…

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