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Mix & Match Window Covering Color Schemes To Beautify Your Home

Mix and match or Combination of Window Dressings It is a well-established fact that windows can add to the decor of your home. Much effort has been put into studying the visual effects of glass, wood, and metal elements that make up the average window.   You can further spruce up your home’s looks by adding the right window coverings—these…

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Purifying Indoor Air – Top-Down-Bottom-Up Natural Shades

Using Houseplants and GreenGuard Certified Shades for Clean Indoor Air The glory of indoor plants is boundless – spirits are instantly uplifted when one walks into a home with artfully placed plants! It’s almost as if they’re smiling at you and saying, “nice to have you back!” A home without indoor plants looks dour and uninteresting in comparison. An English…

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Advantages of multi layering window treatments

Appropriate for Northeastern USA Every article dealing with window treatments advises readers to plan, plan and plan before venturing into buying. As we all know, very often we find ourselves in possession of a panel without having made any plans for it. Summer is gradually sinking into fall in the northeastern climatic zone of the United States from West Virginia…

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