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Bridging the Gap between the Old and the New

  Skylights for Tiny Bathrooms. We are folks who’ve lived it to the hilt in the 70’s and the 80’s, now a bygone era. In those days, pursuing a career and saving for the kids’ college education while dealing with a mortgage was the be all and end all of our lives. Well into our middle age now, my husband…

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Roman Shades for Carriage Housing

Mews Housing. Have you heard of ‘Mews Housing’? It’s quite the thing in London today. The word ‘Mews’ is synonymous with ‘molting’ of the Royal hawks at the Royal Mews in Charing Cross. Later, when King Henry V111 ascended the throne, the mews were used to stabling or housing horses. Traditionally, a mews is a cobbled street with two rows…

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PREPARING for SUMMER STORMS with Wood Shutters

Scary Summer Storms. Storms in my lexicon translate as SCARY! I’m from Jackson, Mississippi, not too far from the Gulf of Mexico. Our home got wiped out in the hurricane that almost pummelled the life out of me – the great Katrina! Have you ever seen a house disintegrate in front of your own eyes as if punched by the…

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