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The Difference That Shutters Can Make


In the world of window coverings, there are a lot of options to choose from. From cellular shades that provide added insulation to solar shades that reduce sunlight and glare while retaining visibility, the designs, styles, patterns and types are many. Each product comes with its own advantages and disadvantages and it is good to have a broad overview of…

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For the Good of our Bathroom Windows

  The Right Window Treatments to Tackle Heat, Humidity and Moisture Homeowners pay little attention to bathroom windows as they mistakenly feel that these apertures do little for the aesthetic appeal of a home. Even when it comes to designing a bathroom, more attention is given to the type of basins, tiles and other elements than the windows, which get…

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Custom Window Shutters for Conservatories

Custom Window Shutters

Custom Window Shutters for Conservatories While the planning and inception of the conservatory have been gratifying for Xavier, it has been heartbreaking to watch my once vibrant husband grapple with the limitations of the heart disease that has left him with slow, measured movements and an even slower speech. He’s fanatic about his exercise regimen; he even ordered a cross…

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