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5 Blinds You Can Open from Top or Bottom

5 Blinds You Can Open From Top or Bottom

Advancement in technology and latest innovation has brought new design trends in window treatments. Modern-day window blinds and shades are more durable and practical than ever before, features like cordless and motorization have vastly improved the quality and functionality of window dressings. But there is one latest design trend which is conquering the window fashion world and that is top…

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Are Your Blinds Pet-Safe? How to Prevent Your Dog from Getting Tangled In Your Blinds

Are Your Blinds Pet Safe

Even when you think you might have taken all the precautions to ensure a safe home, there might be some things that you are not aware of. Not unless a mishap occurs in your home. If that sounds scary, be grateful that you are being warned. Ask anyone who has had disastrous consequences with their window treatments, especially when they…

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5 Modern Blinds for Bathrooms

Modern Blinds for Bathrooms

Window Treatments for Different Rooms Choosing window treatments for your home is indeed a challenging task. Every room has different needs and challenges that need to be addressed. Bedrooms demand privacy and complete darkness for a good night’s sleep. Living rooms need privacy and windows and shades that will add to the room’s aesthetic appeal. Window treatments for any room…

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