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Are Smart Window Shades Worth the Money?

Smart Window Shades

Smart products have become really popular lately. Be it phones or laptops or even watches and refrigerators and air-conditioners, ‘smart’ is the new ‘cool’ and everyone seems to be part of the trend. These products perform two functions, namely, they aim to provide the user with comfort and relaxation from physical activities. They are meant to be a source of…

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North American Smart Shade Brands Dominating the Market

North American Smart Shade Brands

Evolution of the Smart Shade Industry Shades and blinds, or what we commonly refer to as window treatments, are not a new or modern concept. The origin of blinds can be traced back to the 12th century when Persians used Venetian blinds to cover their windows. Over centuries, blinds and shades have gained popularity and evolved in style and functionality.…

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The Best Motorized Shades for Your Living Room

Motorized Shades for Living Room

Motorized Shades for Living Room – Much More Convenient The world is slowly upgrading itself to make the lives of everyone easier and much more convenient. Every now and then, we are exposed to revolutionary ways of doing things more simply and easier than before. The things that exist today, thanks to technology, would have been impossible to think about…

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