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5 Ways Z-wave Blinds Feel Like They’re From The Future

5 Ways Z-wave Blinds Feel Like They're From The Future

Z-wave is the world’s best wireless smart home technology that connects all your electronic devices with each other, letting them communicate using a remote control or smartphone. You can even use voice commands to have better control over all the devices. This technology uses simple and low-power radio waves that transmit through walls, floors, and other household items without any…

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How Much Do Remote Control Blinds Cost?

How Much Do Remote Control Blinds Cost

Remote control blinds are the preferred choice among savvy customers due to a plethora of benefits and easy to use functionality that they offer. These motorized, modern blinds are great advancements over the old fashioned manual shades studded with dangling cords which often turn to be quite hazardous for the occupants of the house. Now advanced smart blinds have stormed…

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