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5 Best Window Treatments for your French Doors

5 Best Window Treatments For French Doors

What are French Doors? Unlike sliding doors, French doors are full-length hinged doors that open inwards. They are not equipped with sliding mechanism. The origin of French doors can be traced back to 16th and 17th centuries when France was waging war with Italy. The intermingling of cultures saw France carry home Renaissance architecture and the realization that mixing a…

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Sheer Shades and Their Benefits

Sheer Shades

We all have had to decorate and redecorate our houses and offices. From furniture to walls to carpets and little showpieces, everything requires a lot of attention and each adds to the room in their own way. There are these little nuances that keep your room cosy, comfortable, and also aesthetically pleasing. One of these things are window coverings and…

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