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Reinvigorate your home I’m sure most people are familiar with that sense of irritation associated with someone who’s overstayed his/her welcome, but you just grind your teeth and bear it! Specially that lonely old granny who lives down the road and pops in for a cup of coffee unannounced! She drones on and on, yada, yada, yada, you have a…

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Blinds and Control Mechanisms

Cordless, Automatic, Remote, Electric, RightRight and LeftLeft A wide variety of information related to the advantages, disadvantages, appropriateness and choices of window treatment options is available in the public domain, in magazines, newspapers, brochures, the internet and websites of suppliers. While being very informative, it can also be a bit confusing for the layman who is looking to have the…

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Does Your Window Dressing Reflect Your Personality?

Window dressings reflect your personality. ‘Clothes maketh a man’, said none other than Shakespeare. We have long known that our clothes are often an expression of our inner self and character, communicated either consciously or subconsciously for everyone to notice. Even though we own many sets of clothes, there is a commonality to what we wear every day that eventually…

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