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Are Vertical Blinds Safe For Cats?

Are Vertical Blinds Safe For Cats

The Plight of Cat Owners If you are a cat owner chances are that you are already aware of plight associated with blinds and shades in the house. Most dog owners are better off as dogs don’t care about windows and blinds. If the windows are covered, the world beyond the windows ceases to exist for them. It is the…

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How to Choose the Right Custom Roller Shades for Your Needs

How To Choose The Right Custom Roller Shades For Your Needs

A Beginner’s Guide to Choosing Right Custom Roller Shades Compared to a range of window dressings in recent trends, custom roller shades are the steal of the century in terms of beauty, functionality, and versatility. Their simple classic and timeless beauty make them unique and sophisticated. In addition to being highly effective when it comes to blocking sunlight and protecting…

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