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Picking Out the Perfect Outdoor Shade for Your Home

Outdoor Shades

Perfect Outdoor Shade for Your Home While indoor shades are usually a lot more about design than function, outdoor shade doesn’t necessarily serve the same purpose. Outdoor shade focuses more on protection from the elements than upon aesthetics. But like indoor shades, outdoor shades come in many styles, types, sizes, and materials. Each type is specific to what you need…

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Ideal Outdoor Blinds for Screened Porches to Rejuvenate Your Afternoons

Create Beautiful Afternoons with Custom Outdoor Blinds for Screened Porches Screened porches are a wonderful way to enjoy an indoor environment outdoors. They allow hanging space for garments or space to store shoes, or even just an extra layer security and privacy from the outdoors. Let’s explore a few ways to dress these unique window areas. First of all we…

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