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How to Install Bistro Blinds

How To Install Bistro Blinds

If you are planning to put your outdoor space to good use, you can consider installing bistro blinds. Whether you own a cafe or have a beautiful home, weather conditions can be a great deterrent in the proper utilization of your outdoor space. As any café or restaurant owner would agree, outdoor eating areas are a great attraction for customers…

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5 Outdoor Window Blinds for A Comfortable Summer

5 Outdoor Window Blinds For A Comfortable Summer

Fascinating Outdoor Window Blinds to Welcome Summer Summer is all about soaking in the sunshine, having good food, and enjoying the relaxing breeze seating in the outdoor areas. Decorating your exterior area is very popular nowadays as it represents your overall home architecture. Putting some cushions, artificial flowers, or keeping a drinking bar aren’t the only ways to make your…

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Exterior Shades: The Much Needed Window Coverings in Every Home

Exterior Shades

Exterior Shades: The Much Needed Window Coverings Taking care of the exteriors is as important as looking after the interiors. We tend to spend huge chunks of money on the indoor window treatments and end up neglecting our outdoors. Installing a layer of exterior shades blocks the harsh sunlight and UV radiations from entering the home. Harsh sunlight can adversely…

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