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Is the Trend of Motorized Window Treatments a Mere Fad?

Is the Trend of Motorized Window Treatments a Mere Fad

As kids, we loved playing in the garden and getting ourselves dirty. There was a lot of physical activity, and back home, our parents were worried sick that we would catch a cold. But as we now step into another decade, our kids do not bother playing outside anymore. Everything is digital these days, even sports, and they are busy…

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Automatic Blinds for Your Sliding Glass Door

Automatic Blinds For Your Sliding Glass Door

Smart Mechanisms for Sliding Glass Door Sliding glass doors are one of the most versatile and functional ways to enhance the aesthetics of a space dramatically. These doors are our home’s main access to the outside world and covering them in the right manner will bring positivity and good vibes inside your home. These glass doors let natural soft light…

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Filter the Natural Light through Your Windows with Cellular Shades

Filter Natural Light Through Your Windows with Cellular Shades

Brighten Your Spaces with Versatile Light Filtering Cellular Shades We all know that light flow is very important in a room’s design. Ventilation plays a major role in building a healthy atmosphere within your spaces. Natural light fights with bacteria around the home and helps you maintain a healthy home. Natural light flow helps in keeping yourself healthy as it…

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