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Why Do Homeowners Love Graber Blinds?

Graber is one of the best-known brands and window coverings for a reason. This company has been creating beautiful blinds, shades and other window treatments for years. It goes above and beyond for their customers by offering: 1. A Huge Selection Graber sells blinds, draperies, shades, shutters and a variety of other window treatments. It also offers a huge selection…

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THE COSY NOOK Leanne had struck on a brilliant idea to get rid of that thick, brown plastic curtain that the earlier occupant had used as a room divider. He was definitely lacking in aesthetics, she thought. On her first visit to the studio apartment, this curtain had put her off completely but when she looked the other way, the…

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The Neat, Precise Elegance of Window Blinds

Flights of Fancy for Windows There has always been a sense of mystery about blinds, wooden or otherwise. They often bring to mind the tense atmosphere of a spy thriller. Fredrick Forsyth. Robert Ludlum. Tom Cain. There’s always a character in the plot who looks out through tightly closed blinds. So much better that drapes that would throw shadows if…

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Playing with Radiation – Faux Wood Blinds

Window treatments and the EM spectrum   The EM Spectrum: Electromagnetic radiation is born within the core of stars hot enough to generate nuclear fusion. EM radiation comprises a broad spectrum of waves. The length of the waves determines the amount of energy that they carry. The more the energy, the more the effect on health and material like furnishings.…

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