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The Importance of Energy Conservation and Why Everyone is Talking About it!

Energy Saving Window Treatments

Top 5 Energy Saving Window Treatments for a Sustainable Environment   You might have noticed that in the recent times there is a lot of talk about climate change, environmental sustainability, energy conservation, etc. Are you wondering what all these mean? These terms are firmly interrelated and are about our environment. Energy conservation is when you reduce the quantity of energy utilized…

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2018 Summer Solstice Decor Trends From Your Favourite Bloggers

Summer Window Treatments

Summer Solstice Decor Trends with Summer Window Treatments   The Latin word Solstice means “sun-stopping”. During the time of the solstice, the sun remains in the sky for a longer time than it usually does. The summer solar solstice signifies the start of the summer season. For the US, summer solstice takes place in the month of June. Summer solstice is recognized as the longest…

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