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Perfect Blinds and Shades for Children’s Rooms

Perfect Blinds and Shades for Children’s Rooms Curtains and shades for your child’s room not only set the ambiance for the entire room, but they also ensure your child is cozy and safe. That means they need to be attractive, while still maintaining that important element of safety. is deeply committed to ensuring children get the safest spaces possible…

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Norman Window Fashions Window Coverings Safety Innovation

 Norman Window Fashions The  ‘Best for kids’ Shades from Norman They look innocuous! Many people don’t even consider window cords to be a threat for children. I myself have raised two children, completely unaware of the lurking danger posed by dangling cords to my kids, and the pets that we’ve had over the years. Were we just lucky? Though it…

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The Economy and Value of Roller Shades

  Debunking Myths about PVC or Vinyl. “There are few construction products or raw materials that generate as much unnecessary controversy as polyvinyl chloride, commonly known as PVC. However, the “controversy” over PVC comes in the form of misconceptions and myths that have proliferated over its decades of use. Like most myths, the ones about PVC are often sourceless or…

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