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Filter the Natural Light through Your Windows with Cellular Shades

Filter Natural Light Through Your Windows with Cellular Shades

Brighten Your Spaces with Versatile Light Filtering Cellular Shades We all know that light flow is very important in a room’s design. Ventilation plays a major role in building a healthy atmosphere within your spaces. Natural light fights with bacteria around the home and helps you maintain a healthy home. Natural light flow helps in keeping yourself healthy as it…

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Honeycomb Shades: The Bee’s Knees in Window Treatment

Honeycomb Shades

Inspired from Nature Honeycomb shades, also known as cellular shades by design, are truly inspired by nature. Just like a honeycomb that is made from multiple hexagonal shaped cells, similarly, a shade designed in this manner contains various shades to provide warmth and protection. Most of them are made from polyester fabric, while others are created from soft paper or…

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Creating a Home Theater Atmosphere with Window Blinds

How to Use Blinds for Privacy

Creating a Home Theater Atmosphere An atmospheric room perfect for binge-watching your favorite movies or shows on a weekend is a nice recipe for some nice family or buddy time. However, before we begin, we must clear some misconceptions about what is usually meant by a “home theater atmosphere”. We aren’t talking about a separate room with a big wall,…

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