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Why Solar Shades are the Ultimate Window Treatments for Summer?

Sun Shade For Home Windows

Sun Shade for Home Windows – Ultimate Window Treatments for Summer


Jonathan is a work-from-home artist and is rather good at his job. He makes masterpieces out of his artistic flourishes and using colors without abandon on canvas. He paints rather well and follows his dream of opening his art gallery sometime soon. For that, he needs to continue working hard in an environment that lets him realize his ambition in peace, comfort, and tranquility.

However, Jonathan is aware that he cannot afford to be home without outside noises perturbing him every now and then. The neighbor’s dog barks all night, which makes sleeping rather difficult. And since his apartment is in the middle of a very busy street, he cannot work with full concentration. The sun is at its scorching worst during the day, and he cannot work in comfort because he is sweating profusely even when he is in his house. Should he contemplate leaving the city and settling in a quaint house in a place with a colder or neutral climate? Or should he buy some effective window treatments that can serve the purpose without entailing huge costs of shifting houses?


Sun Shade for Home Windows


Exterior Solar Shades


It’s not just people like Jonathan who face issues. During summers, many homes, especially those that face hot and humid climates through the year, heat up in no time. This calls for the right sun shade for home windows in your apartment that can serve the purpose of heat and UV reduction whenever the need arises. Additionally, these window coverings must also be made of a glare-resistant material that not just protects the interiors of the home but also ensures the rays of the sun do not affect your TV watching or working on a computer screen.


What Are Solar Shades?


Sun Shade for Home Windows


For anyone new to the arena of window treatments and is looking for the right options to decorate their windows, a valid question that permeates their mind is this: What are solar shades? If one is to be given a clear idea, solar shades are excellent for battling heat from the direct sunlight while allowing you to see through and retain your view.

Solar shades are roller blinds, meaning they save space by looping around a rod and hiding completely when the shades are up. When pulled down, they cover the entire length of the window and help filter light coming through. They can be installed both inside and outside of the window and are manufactured using material that helps in reducing glare, infrared radiation and provide daytime privacy, all while maintaining the outside view.

The effectiveness of solar shades lies in not just battling heat but to also serve as a cost-controlling measure during the summer. You wouldn’t feel the need to have air conditioners installed in your home when solar shades keep the temperature normal.

There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing the right solar shades for your home. Let us look at each of them separately.

1) Location

The direction in which your window faces could be east, west, south, north or somewhere in between. While deciding on the solar shade, you must keep in mind that the impact of the sun is highest on windows that face east (from the morning till about noon) or west (till about 5 PM), and the impact is less on windows facing the other directions (though this can vary depending on your location). The opacity of the fabric or the intensity of the material itself must be chosen according to the location. You can choose lighter fabrics not facing the sun if heat and light blockage is not a primary concern.

2) Performance

Like other shades, solar shades also come with a number of features. However, it is possible that every shade may not have all the qualities you come to expect in a window covering. For instance, the primary feature of a window covering might be its noise canceling feature, while it may not be great at repelling dust. So before making your purchase, you must compile a list of expected features and decide which of them is most important to you. This will help you save substantial time so that you could filter your options accordingly.

3) Openness Factor

Like the features that you expect from a window shade, the openness factor of a solar blind is also a thing you must consider before buying. As the name itself suggests, certain blinds have low opacity levels, which might not satisfy you if you’d like to sip coffee while enjoying a beautiful view of the garden or coast. At the same time, however, shades with high opacity levels reflect more infrared light and ultraviolet radiation, which ensures your well-being and keep the interiors protected.

4) Colors of the Fabric

If you choose darker colors for your solar shades, you will be assured of ultimate glare reduction and a decent outside view. Also, dark fabrics have a tendency to absorb these radiations which may heat up the interiors.

5) Mounting Style

Another factor that you must take into consideration before buying your blinds is whether you want to set the window treatment inside the window recess or outside on the wall or molding. Going for the latter will make your window look bigger or hide an unattractive window space. Mounting the window decorating blinds inside the window recess, on the other hand, gives the space a neat and uncluttered look.


Choosing the Right Solar Shade

Now that you have a list of all the basics of solar shades, you can prepare a list. Ask yourself: Would you go for solar shades to reduce cooling costs? Is maintaining an outside view for you important? Or is maintaining privacy the primary reason you want shades for your room?

Eliminate the fabrics that you do not want from your list. If ensuring an unhindered view is your topmost priority, start with an openness factor of up to 5%. Check on it and consider the glare-resistant properties of the shade if that is next on your list, and either go up or down depending on your needs.

To sum up our observations, there are plenty of choices in solar shades that you can go over, but there’s no denying the fact that these shades are the best summer treatments that you can purchase.

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