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Why Curtains Are Still The Obvious Choice For Many Homes?

Sun Blocking Bedroom Curtains

Why Are Sun Blocking Bedroom Curtains Still the Obvious Choice for Many Homes?


In the modern world of interior design, home furnishing and window curtains get a lot of attention from people who want their homes to look their best. Our homes are our biggest investment, and no matter how much hard work goes into making them look their absolute best, there’s always room for improvement. Some people prefer their walls painted perfect and in sync with the rest of the items placed inside the room or the house. Others buy bedsheets, beds, sofas, set up a modular kitchen, decorate walls with paintings and or get other decorative items to make their house a perfect recipe for modern living.


However, we tend to forget that window coverings are a domain that many people overlook and buy lame cloth covers to drape them with. It must be noted that windows are one of the first things that people notice when they enter the home. So naturally, their attention is bound to get affected by the window blinds and curtains that you use to cover them. To achieve this purpose, brands selling window dressing ideas have a variety of shades to garnish the beauty of your windows. A few modern window coverings include Venetian blinds, roller shades, cordless honeycomb shades and the like.


In our quest to find the best window coverings, we have often undermined the importance of curtains in setting up our windows. They are a traditional form of drapery. However, they are still among the most effective window coverings that can do the job of heat reduction, insulation, energy efficiency, and absorption of sounds as well as, if not better than, other window protection ideas.



Sun Blocking Bedroom Curtains


As the heat increases during the summers, the need for having effective window curtains increases. You can go for sheer curtains if you need some natural sunlight in your home. However, for blocking heat and giving the house a blackout effect where the temperature inside remains cool all through the day, you might want to go for sun blocking bedroom curtains, available in room darkening fabrics.



Rod Pocket Crown Drapery Panels


Rod Pocket Crown Drapery Panels

Rod Pocket Drapery Panels from Crown are amazingly beautiful, lending a casual vibe and feel to your home, setting it apart by giving it a beautifully traditional look. At ZebraBlinds, they are available in a wide assortment of colors, patterns, and designs to choose from, apart from having a customizable design that can be altered to suit any kind of window. A few of the colors they are available in are Foursquare, Lucky Black, Lucky Marble, Lucky, Navy, Lyon White and Madison Cotton.


They can be set up on any window, be it a French style window, Palladian window or small-sized windows. They form a heavy fabric at the top that forms rod pockets that are used to hang the curtains. The size of the rod pockets is adjustable according to the diameter and width of the rods. These curtains can be easily cleaned by dry cleaning or soil removal and spot cleaning.



Curtains As Noise Cancelling Window Blinds


Heavy curtains with polyester, silk, raw silk or velvet fabrics are excellent absorbers of sound. This makes them excellent noise canceling window blinds that can drown out outside noise to protect you from these unwarranted sounds. After all, who wants to be disturbed from the comfort of their beauty sleep, or when there’s an important work assignment that needs to be carried out from the comfort of your home?


Curtains are especially useful in areas that are closed to traffic, or apartments that are located right in the middle of a bustling city. You can’t always avoid noisy neighbors, dogs that won’t stop barking, or loud children playing outside. However, you can have curtains with excellent noise reduction properties that can certainly mitigate the effects.



Features of Curtains


Window Curtains

Curtains come with their own set of features that make them one of the best window covering ideas, even in modern homes. You do not need to burn a hole in your pocket for modern day blinds and shades when you have the good old curtain to rely on. Here are a few features that make them stand apart.


1) Attractiveness


There is no dearth of attractive and beautiful curtains on the market. They give out an excellent vibe of class and elegance, and hanging them can be practical in any room in a house, be it a kitchen, a living room, a bathroom, or a bedroom. They can amplify the beauty of a space in no time. You can choose to spend all your money on modern blinds and shades, but the attractiveness of the curtains is inimitable and hard to replicate.


2) Noise Cancelling Features


As discussed, curtains can absorb sounds and act as excellent noise reducing options, as good as any other window treatment. They are available in various opacity levels, so you might choose those with room darkening or blackout features that employ thicker fabrics than the sheer ones. In some cases, the sheer curtains are layered with another layer of cloth to trap sounds.


3) Blocking Heat and UV Radiation


Summers can be excruciating and difficult to sit through, even when you are in the comfort of your own home. When you have multiple windows in the house, the chances of heating up of the house are great, and this calls for immediate resolutions to avoid any long-term effects. Blackout or room darkening curtains do the job exceedingly well in keeping the heat out and provide you with protection against extreme weather.


Similarly, they also keep the chilly winds at bay during winters. Some curtains come with a fabric that traps heat inside and doesn’t let it escape. This way, it protects the house against outside cold weather while keeping the inside air inside. This way, they act as great insulators and energy-efficient options which reduce your air conditioning and central heating costs.


Curtains are also great at prevention against the detrimental effects of ultraviolet radiation and extreme glare. Glare can be an issue when you are watching television during the daytime, as it can hinder your TV-viewing experience. This can be a major irritant and can cause stress to your eyes. Ultraviolet radiation can affect your skin and result in tissue damage, and it can also cause fading of floorings, furniture, and other items placed in the house that are under direct exposure to the sun. However, with effective curtains in place, all this can be avoided.


4) Light Diffusion Properties


It’s best to buy a sheer curtain to maximize the benefits of light diffusion, and thereby fill the room with some natural sunlight while protecting the house against heat. Sheer curtains are natural light diffusers, and coupled with the glow of sunlight, the beauty of sheer curtains provides an affecting impact on the aesthetics of the house. This way you can also lower your electricity bills as this avoids the need of switching on a bulb during the daytime.


Thus, it can be seen that curtains are great window treatments that are not going out of demand or fashion anytime soon. A lot of homes still use them because of their diverse properties such as their beauty, versatility, and multiple benefits such as light diffusion and heat and noise reducing qualities.

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