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How to Bring Summer Into Your Home

Summer Window Treatment Ideas

Summer Window Treatment Ideas


A popular trend in window styles is to layer your home with thick, heavy curtains. When the sun’s harsh radiation becomes hard to bear, it doesn’t hurt to have at least a little protection to your windows. To keep your favorite spaces comfortable all summer long, use brightly-hued, lightweight curtains that will gently reflect the sun. Summer Window Treatment Ideas will give you one stop solution for all your worries.


Is air conditioning only solution to overcome summer heat?


Air conditioning is delightful during the summer, but using it nonstop throughout a heat wave will have you cursing when you get your energy bill. Luckily, the clever use of blinds, curtains, and other window treatments can help keep your house cool and your bills in check. The smart management of window coverings can decrease the heat gain by up to 77 percent. And, as a bonus, you can also reduce heat loss in the winter. Here are some energy-saving suggestions from the Department Of Energy that you’ll feel the results of instantly.


Custom Patio Blinds

Custom Patio Blinds 

When we think about the exterior of our homes like the way we do the indoors, we begin to understand just how much we can do to protect us from heat, wind, cold, rain, and snow while making our home functional and attractive. Make a statement to your guests and neighbors long before they even step inside your home.


Custom Patio Blinds provide the following advantages

  • Privacy
  • Beauty
  • Protection
  • Comfort


Exterior Solar shades are window treatments that are uniquely adapted to any home where solar heat gain is a problem. While they have a proper finish and elegance to be used indoors, they are very efficient when installed outdoors as they work as a barrier between the window and the heat of the sun. These window treatments are made up of polyester fabric and PVC. They can be used to lessen the heat gain during summer and reduce heat loss in winter.

The circular fiber used for solar screens and shades diffuse light entering a space through refraction. When we choose solar treatment solutions, we need to be aware of the two factors that result in the percentage of radiation that is absorbed or reflected by a solar screen

They are:

  • The openness of the screen
  • The color of the screen


Openness is the joined section of the fabric that is open space, rather than filled with fiber. With a greater openness, the shade appears more transparent and retains a better view, while letting more light through. The color of the fabric can change the range of sunlight absorbed and reflected. Color is a commonly considered factor to reduce glare and solar heat gain for any shade.


Best Blackout Shades

Best Blackout Shades 

Darken your room for a good night’s sleep or create a better environment for your home theater. These custom Blackout, Light Blocking Shades obstruct 100% of sunlight and UV rays and keep your home cold and comfortable during summers. Blackout room darkening shades are excellent for baby nurseries, bedrooms, and home theaters as they provide total privacy.

Room darkening shades can be chosen from many different styles and colors, with fully motorized blackout shade choices available as well as a cord or cordless shade products.

Blackout Shades are one of the most affordable light-blocking options and are well suited for any space.


Motorized Skylight Blinds

Motorized Skylight Blinds 

Skylight window treatments are an affordable luxury that amplifies the beauty of your home. The use of a cord has been one of the major limitations of normal skylight shades, as they are an awkward controlling option, especially for hard-to-reach skylight windows.

Motorized Skylight Blinds have entered the market and they solve this issue by being easily controlled with a remote.

Multiple power options and high efficiency make the Cellular Shades the best window covering for skylights. Install motorized cellular shades for hard to reach windows and give your home a modern look.

Skylights not only enhance the overall look of your home but also make it sophisticated. They actually give your home an upgrade. So decorate your skylight windows with these best window treatments from ZebraBlinds and make your home look stylish.


Light Diffusing Blinds

Light Diffusing Blinds 

There are many types of Light Diffusing Blinds.


Light diffusing blinds are made from a mesh type PVC cloth. These shades let you maintain the view in the daytime and help reduce heat, UV rays, and glare. Light diffusing blinds are perfect for keeping your rooms cool in summer. They truly do make a tremendous difference to a room.

Do not opt these blinds as the sole window furnishing for rooms that require privacy in the evening. You can opt for dual roller shades as the blackout screen helps you to provide privacy when it is required.


Buy your window treatments now at and make your home look even more gorgeous than it already is. Conceive the artistic look you wanted to give your home by installing these window treatments and make your home safe this summer. If you have any questions, you can always reach us by email, chat, or phone, and we will be happy to help you.

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