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Bold And Beautiful: 5 Most Lively Window Dressing Ideas to Woo Our Guests

Summer Window Decorating Ideas

5 Most Lively Summer Window Decorating Ideas to Woo Our Guests


Our homes are the gateways to happiness and a luxurious lifestyle. We do not (and should not) compromise on anything that comes in the way of making our houses look as personal and as unique as possible. A beautiful home not only helps us in feeling at peace but also helps in reducing our stress from a bad day at the office aside when we come home to relax. A home’s pleasant ambiance and soothing power go a long way in keeping our mind at ease.

We also like to be appreciated well enough for the good work we do with our homes. For instance, if we buy a new sofa for our living room, it feels good when our guests appreciate our good taste.


Summer Window Decorating Ideas: Curtain and Blind Combination Ideas


While we devote enough time in keeping our homes neat and tidy and buying random items to enhance the appearance of our interiors, we seldom pay attention to the window shades we set up. They attract a lot of attention from people visiting our houses, and enough care must be given to make them look as attractive as possible.

In this section, we discuss the five best curtain and blind combination ideas that are not only attractive but also come in handy during any season of the year.


1) Outdoor Roller Shades with Window Shelves


Outdoor Roller Shades


This is by far one of the deadliest combinations for upping the beauty of the room. You can choose to pull the roller shades all the way down and yet preserve the view while having the window shelves in place. This combination provides almost perfect protection from harsh sunlight and gives you something unique for additional personality and decoration. You can line your window shelves with small flower pots placed equidistant from one another for maximum impact and to woo your visitors who will simply be smitten at seeing something so unconventional.

The combination also offers several advantages. Apart from heat reduction (which the roller shades provide), you will be protected against the harmful ultraviolet glare of the sun that threatens to reduce the fading of objects placed in the room and affects your skin. In slightly thicker fabrics, the outdoor roller shades also offer a decent enough room darkening view that ensures privacy and comfort from outside light when you plan to take a nap during the daytime. But at no time do they compromise on an outside view, even if it is reduced to a minimum.

The window shelves with small plants or other decorations, in the meantime, lend a soothing and charming appeal to your interiors which is sure to uplift your senses on a bad day. They help maintain a positive energy throughout the living space and are bound to make your visitors feel at home whenever they stop by.

2) Shutters with Sheers


Shutters with Sheers


Plantation shutters are designed in wood, faux wood, PVC, and aluminum fabrics which lend them a solid and formidable appearance, which also blocks out the heat completely and keeps the temperatures inside normal to ensure the comfort of you and your guests. When the temperature outside is bright and sunny, you can lift their slats up to let some diffused light in the room. With alternating panels of slats and open window spaces, they create unique sunlight patterns which give out an unconventional yet classy appeal.

Plantation shutters are the most common types which can be mounted on both sides of the window, boasting of wide slats and spaces between to allow natural light to fill the space when the morning is bright and pleasant. Even though their slats offer enough space between them, they can be tilted at an angle that filters only the “good” portion of the sunlight while obliterating the effects of glare and radiation.

This unique combination of window treatments brings versatility and exuberance to your room. You can alternate between the opening and be closing them both depending upon your needs of natural sunlight and/or privacy.

3) Printed Valances with Curtains


Printed Valances with Curtains


Window valances act as decorative panels on the top of the window to give it a distinct touch. Their purpose is to conceal the tools, rods or other “hardware” part of the drapery or cover architectural flaws of blinds. They give out a vibe of the Victorian period with their design. Coming in various checks, prints and patterns, valances have found their way as avant-garde modern window treatment solutions.

You might want to choose valances with bold colors to divert your guests’ attention away from the less impressive aspects of the bedroom. Go for valances that match well with your curtains without really camouflaging themselves. They are also available in a variety of shapes and sizes. While some can be long enough to touch the ground, you must go for ones which cover only the top portion of the window, especially when you’re using them with curtains. They are easy to clean and maintain and are available at affordable prices.

4) Silk Curtains with Tie-Backs

Having silk curtains in your bedroom will automatically add extravagance to your space, where you do not need to try anything too hard to charm your visitors. These curtains are plush and go a long way in making your house an epitome of class and elegance. Depending on the size of your bedroom window, they can be set up easily. Owing to their thick fabric, they protect the room against harsh sunlight and extreme climates, and are, therefore, necessary to provide proper insulation in homes. When you need some privacy or want to drift off to sleep, there are few options as effective as silk curtains in bold colors. Choose your colors accordingly, which do justice to the hues in your room and the color of your walls and/or bedsheets.

You can have a pair of silk curtains with tie-back options if you want to keep them open. Having them tied and hanging off the ground in a distinct style will serve as a cherry on the cake and add to their looks. This way you can have some natural sunlight in your room when your guests are home and show off your fabulous living style. However, to have a pair of them installed, you need to ensure your window is big enough.

5) Woven Wood Shades


Woven Wood Shades


Woven wood shades are natural window treatments made from wood that will add a fine and sobering touch to your bedroom. They can go along well with any kind of decor. When they are opened by pulling the cords down, they form neat folds, providing a soothing and impressive texture that is sure to find a lot of takers. Available in natural colors and materials, they ensure your environment is protected and fine and your room is free from dust and dirt. They are moisture controlled to avoid warping and rotting (but still avoid excessive moisture!), and they can be easily cleaned by vacuuming or dusting. The installation of these shades is also a very simple and uncomplicated procedure.


To conclude, these are some of the most attractive window decoration ideas that you can go for. They are not only aesthetically pleasing to look at but also come with a number of advantages to their credit. However, beauty is subjective, so it is possible you might not completely agree with our choices. You can always do your own research before going for the right window treatments to decorate your home with.

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