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Come March and I know spring time is here in Chicago. Not with weather forecasts or the pleasant and much-welcomed rise in the barometer. It is that lazy sun. It was in my complete view through the whole winter, but its mellowed brilliance would challenge me to look it straight in the eye and soak up its warmth. Now that it’s March and the whiff of spring is in the air, it peers at me from behind that ancient fig tree in my garden, challenging me to look at it for even a few seconds without blinking my eyes heralding the onset of a warm spring with gentle breezes. Archibald MacLeish has a very apt description of spring and summer in our country.


Thus, this bold, brazen Sun rules our lives. Bright sunshine brings happy memories of lush green fields and tall wild grass in hues of pink. The greens and the reds get deeper in color. I slip into my dream home and find that nothing in it is in sync with nature’s glory. Bring in the freshness of spring and the promise of a cool summer, ABRACADABRA! The witch with her magic broom leaps out of her slumber. Put in the old, bring out the new, but all is incomplete until my crisp laundered drapes are on. To welcome that sunlight into my home, my sheer curtains are an ideal option. Come July, the window blinds will be closed and the soothing pastels in a lighter fabric will foil the attempts of that sunlight glaring into my home.



In all this rigmarole of spring cleaning, the color of my drapes is a very decisive factor. It dictates the mood of those long summer months. Light colors reflect the sun’s light that is pouring into my home back into the exterior while dark colors will absorb all of it. My air conditioner will be my ultimate bliss this summer, until the energy bills have to be paid. I would love my home to be cool and inviting when the family steps in after a hot, sweltering day. I scout around my linen cupboard, and not letting my heart rule my head, I begin to search for a sober color. At the same time, I should be keeping in mind the type of weave and the thread count of the fabric. This will help me to cut off the glare of the sun when I’ve had my fair share of sunlight, and cannot tolerate it anymore. I pull out those bottle green drapes with a tiny floral print in a pale cream all over. A beautiful summer color. They are thick cotton drapes with many plated layers. It suits me fine. The air trapped in between the layers will reduce the heat gained from outside. My room will cool down with the fan overhead whirling around. The more the layers, the higher the insulation of drapes. The thick white cotton lining will help reduce the temperature of the room further. A basic cotton lining for a drape protects the fabric from the direct effects of fading color and sheen. It will, at the same time, allow light to filter through while the drapes are drawn to block the sunlight. White is known to be a brilliant deflector of light. It will keep that teasing sun away. Cotton, and even velvet drapes, is the best choices for the summer. Velvet, though heavier on the purse, is durable, rich in texture and versatile in use and an excellent insulation from the sun’s heat. It’s energy efficient and cost effective, cutting down on power bills in the summer and reducing the continuous use of the cooling systems in our homes. Our little effort to save the earth. The best manner in which drapes can be hung is very close to the window with absolutely no gaps in between the drape and the floor or the drape and the cornice. Let them overlap each other stylishly in the center, cutting off any unnecessary exposure to the sun.



Crisp greens, blues and pinks, the colors of the setting sun, lemons and yellows are all colors of summer. Marsella, the color of the year, will make a beautiful, sophisticated color for drapes. This bold, earthy color exuding sophistication is an appropriate choice for summer drapery. A thick cotton lining for these drapes would again reduce heat gain and prevent the cooled air from within the room escaping out into the surrounding exterior. Team your room decor with shades of pastels in contrasting colors and VOILA a beautiful canvas of rich, soft hues.


Lime green, a beautiful summer green and a gentle reminder of spring buds that have now matured into leaves ready to take on the strong gusty winds of summer.


Nautical blue, sky blue, turquoise blue or a combination of them all in your drapes bring back memories of lazy summers on sandy beaches, enticing you, until you decide it is time to make another trip to a sandy destination.


White, stark white, a crisp, no-nonsense color is just the color for summer. With white drapes there is no fussing or huffing, the choice is ultimate. In all its splendor, it will soothe you like a refreshing balm. Used with shades or blinds, it makes for a romantic, breezy summer day.


Cherry pink, the epitome of nature in its summer glory. Luscious cherries. Contrast it with blue and lavender. A picture perfect summer garden in full bloom.


Should your drapes be to light in color to block out the sunlight, a black outlining for these drapes or blinds and shades in darker tones will block out that sunlight on overbearing and lengthy summer evenings.


Chrome yellow, lemon yellow. You cannot resist this happy color. It is a reminiscence of fields of sunflower, their laughing faces turned towards the sun, swaying their heads in the summer breeze. The romantic colors of the sunset, hues of pink and blue put together. A stylish way to keep the heat and sunlight out of our homes.


Zebra Blinds range of custom drapes panels looks into all these aspects of window dressing for the summer. Their full range of colors, sober to the senses, and the heavy layer of pleats, block out those long hours of glaring sunlight besides enhancing and enriching the aesthetic beauty of your home. The Graber Blinds  Artisan Drapery is available in solid prints, stripes, jacquard, and sheers. They are tailored to perfection, and worth every penny a home lover would put by for these dream drapes. Make no error with your dimensions and your window decoration is simple and elegant.


Enjoy the summer. Celebrate the sun in all its glory. Make your summer woes few by a smart management of window coverings. The Department of Electricity advises that smart management of window dressings will reduce heat gain by 77% while medium colored drapes with plastic linings will reduce heat gain by 33%. Let’s enjoy the summer and keep the heat out of our homes stylishly.



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