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Welcome to the World of Affordable and Stylish Custom Window Blinds

Custom Window Coverings

Welcome to the World of Affordable and Stylish Custom Window Coverings


We all want to live in a home that is both comfortable and stylish. We all aspire to be our neighbor’s envy with the kind of home decor we choose. We at understand your needs and we would like to help you with your selection of custom window blinds.

Whether you are living in a remote village in Kentucky or the posh localities of San Francisco, Houston, or New York, our affordable window blinds will always steal your heart. So before you invest your hard-earned money in choosing the right custom window blinds for your home, let’s have a look at the different features and specifications available.


How to Choose Window Blind Colors Based on Your Interiors


Custom Window Coverings


This is one of the most difficult questions we all come across when we are planning to buy custom window blinds for our new home. We want our walls to complement perfectly with the color of the window blinds.


Let’s Take a Look at Some Popular Colors for Custom Window Coverings


Graber Window Coverings


  • Black

Henry Ford once said, “Any customer can have a car painted any color that he wants so long as it is black.” Many of us believe that black blinds give a soothing effect to our homes and helps to keep the sunlight out. Here are a couple of window treatments to look at for a black color:

  • 3” Graber® Classic Wood Valances – If you love wood valances like me, then this is the best choice for you. You’ll love the artistic look and feel of this valence. And the best part is that this custom window blind is available in a variety of colors such as Allspice 1821, Cherry Wood 1014, Roasted Chestnut 1849, Henna 194, Homestead Oak 1943 and more. But if it’s a deep, dark color that you want, you’ll want to take a look at the Espresso 1716.


  • 3 1/2” Graber® Legacy Wood Valances – This design is my personal favorite and one of my friends Cathy who lives in South Dakota has installed it in her living room. These affordable window blinds are handcrafted from American Hardwood which is grown in Michigan. It is processed in Grayling plant of Springs Window Fashions and comes to you with a finish and elegance that will take your breath away.
  • Blue

Most of us might dread the Monday blues, however, we all love blues in our homes. The azure blue sky always reminds us of the vastness of the universe and the sapphire blue of the ocean always reminds us of nature.

  • 1 Inches Aluminum Insignia Graber Blinds – This type of affordable window blind is safe for children, as the cordless system does not have choking hazards. There are thirty-seven shades to choose from including Burgundy 653, Forest Shadow 087, Granite 044, and Ice 778, but True Blue 089 is my personal favorite. I have installed these blinds in my study and they give me the perfect combination of privacy (when I need to finish a project) and sunlight (when I just want to read a book and relax).

  • 1 Inch Aluminum Supreme Graber® Blinds –  This is another popular type of discounted window blinds. This variant is the best choice for light control as it has light blocking head rails that will suit all your needs. You will be thrilled to know that the paint that is used on Graber Aluminum Blinds increases its resistance to dust, stains, and scratches. You will be mesmerized with 52 different shades and Little Boy Blue 090, Midnight Blue 057, Forest Shadow 087, and True Blue 089 are some of the blues that you should check out.

  • Brown 

    Brown has always been the most popular color in home décor, and we use browns abundantly in our woodwork, upholstery, and linens. Hence when it comes to affordable window blinds, we would recommend you to check out our various options before selecting the right one for your home.

  • 4 1/2″ Graber Symphony Wood Valances – Wood always gives a warm feel and look, and whether it’s a shutter or blinds, this valance makes a perfect match for the windows of your dream home. We would recommend you to try out Honey Maple 1013, Homestead Oak 1943, Saddle Brown 1694 or Roasted Chestnut 1849 which are our best-selling products in this variant.

  • Natural Woven Wood Blinds Crown – These custom window shades remind me of my childhood days when we used to play hide and seek at our granny’s place which had many beautiful woven decorations. The warmth of these woven window coverings make your home decor alluring and inviting. These affordable window blinds are available in natural colors like Winthrop-Tortoise 01124, Montauk-Camel 01120, Sarasota-Camel 01121 and Hatteras-Cocoa 01119.

  • Gray

Grays may not be the brightest of colors, however, they are preferred by many, especially in workspaces and business settings. There are many homeowners who go for it due to their low-maintenance.

  • 2″ Traditions® Graber® Wood Blinds – If you are an environment-friendly person, then this is the right product for you. These custom window blinds are made with real, American hardwood and are procured from the foresters who practice “sustained yield forest management.” Their natural grain and styles make them unique and our recommended colors will be Medium Grey 1841, Medium Grey Sandblast SB841, Harbor Grey 1761, and Timeless Grey 1847.

  • ½ Inch Aluminum Micro Supreme Graber® Blinds – These discount window blinds are preferred by commercial establishments. Our top-selling color variants are Raw Umber 006, Smokey Gray, Brushed Aluminum 121 and Gray Haze 983. If you have exterior French doors and are worried about their coverings, these are a great choice.



Affordable Window Blinds for a Budget-Conscious Family


Now since we have looked at different options for choosing the color and styles for your favorite affordable window blinds, let’s plan for the budget. You can call us and allow us to give you an estimate, or calculate the width and height of your windows and make the calculations yourself.

We have great promotions running throughout this season and you will get a great deal on your purchase. Our website is very user-friendly and you may select the price range you are looking for and create a budget for your house.


Buy Discount Window Blinds and Feel Like a King or Queen


If your parents’ home included traditional window coverings and curtains, and you grew up living in such homes, the time has come to switch to custom window blinds now, from Zebrablinds.

If you thought that making your home look plush and exclusive will cost you a fortune, think again. Visit our website and take a pick from our wide range of products like aluminum blinds, natural blinds, composite blinds, vertical blinds, custom wood valances, composite blinds, real wood blinds, vinyl blinds, faux wood blinds, skylight blinds and custom wood cornices.

So on the whole, along with being budget-friendly; our custom window shades will give a complete look to your interiors. Happy browsing, and make your home the dream home you always wanted to have!

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