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Strategies For Installing Inside Mount Roller Shades

Installing Inside Mount Roller Shades

Installing Inside Mount Roller Shades

It is always fun to get down and dirty, especially while doing something for your own house. To build up your own space and to be proud of the work that you have pulled together is a good way to add a personal touch to your own space. It also provides a good way to spend quality time with the people who help you in doing it and can become a perfect excuse for a small getaway from daily drudgeries. It can also make for a little sport and entertainment and can be turned into a fun day of playing around. Add to this the money that you will save and the fact that installing blinds is a fairly easy task, and doing your own window blinds starts to sound like a good time. However, it is to note that handling any kind of hardware comes with its own risks and it is a good idea to keep an eye out for them.
Inside Mount Roller Shades
Here are a few tricks and techniques when one starts thinking about how to install roller shades inside mount on their own. Here are a few strategies you can keep in mind while doing so:

1. Ensure that you have everything
Before you actually start assembling your roller shades, it will be a good idea to assemble and inspect your package. One tends to overlook this process and directly gets on to setting up their blinds and when they find something missing later, are in a bit of a hassle. A thorough glance at the product, the hardware that you would need and so on would come in handy when you actually start the work. Inside mount roller shades do not require much hardware and is fairly easy. Here are a few things that you will definitely need:
a. Screwdriver
b. Drill
c. Level
d. Measuring-tape
Keep these things handy before you start your installation. Carefully unbox the product and understand the items that it comes with.
Installation Kit for Roller Shades
2. Read the instruction manual
It may seem excessive to go through the instructions manual every time you install a window treatment at home. How different can the installation of roman shades be from light-filtering roller shades? But, it is always a good idea to go through the instruction manual of the product that you are going to install. There might be some little quirks and tips that will come in handy for the specific product that you are going to install. Anyway, you might always learn something new and make your job easier each time you do the same thing. You might also find different brackets for different products, for example, roller shades have a cassette valance type bracket which is to be set up in a different manner from other window coverings.
3. Only use manufacturer provided hardware
This tip might come in a lot of use to you if you think any hardware would do for any product. Every window treatment has its own requirements, which the manufacturer fulfils when he send in the required hardware. Door roller blinds will require different kinds of screws than cordless roller shades or will have different kinds of brackets. When the manufacturer sends in your hardware, he knows what you are looking for and this will not only give your installation a smoother finish but will also make sure that your product is more stable and sturdy and can withstand the regular operation.
4. Use a pencil and ruler to mark
To give your installation a more professional finish, it is important that you mark the height of the blind, the place of the screws and the length of the brackets beforehand. This will not only make the further process of drilling more convenient but will also make it more uniform. The use of a metal scale confirms the precision and makes sure that the shade does not droop from one side. Using a measuring tape is also effective but a metal ruler is better Direct drilling can make the shades look shabby or uneven. The pencil marks can always be removed later with an eraser.
5. Always pre-drill your holes
This can’t be stressed enough. After you have marked the place for your screws with the pencil, create some started holes by tapping at the spot with a screw and a hammer. You can always use the machine driller, but make sure the hole is not so deep that it will make tightening of the screws difficult. This makes installation easier and smoother and even prevents the chipping of wall if one directly screws it in. You can then place the brackets and then put the screws in place.
6. Hand-tighten your screws
Using your hand to tighten the screws is a good idea because it ensures that the screw is tightly held in place and the hole is not too deep. This will also make sure that the finishing is smoother and you can avoid rough edges. It is also to note that some hardware is not made for drills and other equipment and using machines might cause it to break. You can always use pliers and screwdrivers and other hand-operated hardware to fix in your screws.
7. Check the position of brackets beforehand
In all the more detailed works, one always forgets to do this simple task. Make sure that you check which bracket goes on which side of the window by placing it on both sides of the window shade before you draw the marks and drill the holes. One side of the bracket has the round-pin end and the other has the spring idle end. Read the instructions and even check physically about which one goes to the right and which to the left.
8. Mount the shades carefully
It goes without saying that this is the most important part of installing inside mount roller shades. Hold the shades in place and then put the shade in on the round-pin end bracket first, then push it on the spring idle side. This is the most effective and tried method of putting your shades in place.
9. Always check that the shades are firm after installing

Before you call your installation a success, make sure that you carefully check whether the shades have been put up properly. Some screws can remain loose and can fall later and cause fatal accidents, especially to pets, children or the elderly. Move the blinds around a bit and lower and raise it for a few times. You can also tug on it gently to check the stability of the window shades.

These are a few hacks and techniques that one can keep in mind while installing inside mount roller shades at their place. The installations of most window coverings follow the same procedure and steps with only a few changes here and there. Always make sure that you are confident of what you are doing and ensure your own safety. Keep children away from the hardware appliances and do a thorough checking of you work. Have a safe install!

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