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Storage solution for closet

We tend to store everything in our closet. Sometimes we have so much stuff in our closet that it can be impossible to know what we have in our closet. When you go searching in your closet and find a top that you don’t remember having you know that it is time to organize your closet. Whether you have small closet space or a huge walk in closet it is important to organize it, and use all the space possible.

To start organizing your closest remove everything from the closet. This is a good time to sort through your clothes and remove unwanted clothes. Going through clothes and removing them may be hard but sometimes you need to get rid of clothes. Ask yourself what you really want to keep and what you can let go. Clothes that are faded, ripped and no one is ever going to wear can be thrown out. If your clothes are in good condition you can always donate them.

Organize your clothes in piles. Create piles of clothes that you regularly use, you will need right now and the ones that you will not need for a while. For insistence since its summer you will be wearing your dresses and shorts but in this boiling heat you won’t even look at those winter clothes at the moment. Fold the clothes that need to be folded and separate the clothes that need to be hanged as well. Store the clothes that you won’t be using in a plastic bin or bag that you can place in the back of your closet or you can store them under the bed if you have space there.

Clean your closet before you put your clothes back which can include vacuuming the floor and dusting the walls. A closet organizer can help organize and maximize space in your closet. there are so many closet organizers out there to choose from. Choose the one that will be suitable for you and the space you have. If you are looking to have more space to hang your clothes you may want to go towards a closet organizer with more poles but you are looking for more shelf space than go your and organizer that offers just that.

When you select a closet organizer keep in mind of what you need, the space you have and the price you are willing to pay. Closet organizers come in various forms with poles, shelves, pull out shelves, drawers. They can be purchased from any store and they have a wide price range. The kit for closet organizers comes with everything you need with easy to follow instruction. All you will need are some tools and your time.

If don’t want to purchase your closet organizer you can always make one. Making a closet organizer can be your very own do-it-yourself project. It happens to be less expensive than actually buying and organizer and the best part is that you can design the organizer that is unique to you and fit your needs.

It isn’t hard to build your own closet organizer. First you need to decide you much shelf space and hanging space you need. Then you can go to any hardware stores and purchases your materials. These stores can also guide you in building your own organizer or you can always turn to our best friend the internet. You can search videos and instruction to guide you through the project.

Once you have installed your organizer time to place your clothes back in the closet. The best way to organize your clothes is to categorize them in whatever way you like whether it is separating your work clothes from casual clothes or separating your shirts from pants pick something that will be best for you and place your clothes back in your closet. Now that you have organized you can clean another closest or you can always treat yourself by going on a shopping spree.

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